Army Signal OCS - Candidate History

     Classmate John Arthur Cason - Class 42-11    

1st Fighter Command, Army Air Force, U.S. Army Signal Corps


The documents below were submitted by candidate John Cason's son, John.

Graduation Certificate - John Arthur Cason


The following is a copy of the orders transferring 2nd Lieutenant Cason to the First Fighter Command. The First Fighter Command (aka I Fighter Command) is now inactive but was originally an active unit of the U.S. Army Signal Corps' Army Air Force, in WWII. Its last assignment was with the First Air Force, based at Mitchel Army Airfield, New York. At the time it provided air defense for the northeast coast of the US (until August 1944). It also trained fighter personnel and those that supported fighter operations. It was inactivated on 21 March 1946.


Military Orders, WWII - 2nd Lieutenant Cason 

Documents received 12/11/2013 from Candidate Cason's son John. These documents were issued to enlisted men who had successfully completed Army Signal Corps OCS and were about to be commissioned as 2nd lieutenants.

Certificate of Service issued prior to becoming a 2nd Lieutenant

Certificate of discharge, issued prior to being appointed as 2nd Lieutenant 




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