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Devotional Thoughts

 Devotional Thoughts
 The Spiritual Side of Our Website

This part of the site features monthly devotional thoughts by the Association's Chaplain, with the goal of encouraging Signal Corps OCS Graduates to be exceptional in their lives and to live life at a higher level. Our current Chaplain is of the Christian faith, so naturally, his devotionals are fashioned around his Christian beliefs. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and can be offered directly to the Chaplain by eMail at:

by LTC (R) Max Holt, Class 02-67

January 2014


David had the first rock group!

LTC (R) Max Holt - TodayLTC (R) Max Holt

I’m guessing you know the story of the classic confrontation between David, a young shepherd boy, and the giant Goliath, recorded in the Old Testament in 1 Samuel Chapter 17. If not, go read it and then come back to this page. Anyway, it is amazing the way ‘Little David’ trusted God and defeated the ‘Big Giant’ with just a sling and a small rock. We may even have this image of little ‘weak’ David, twirling that sling, maybe with his eyes closed, waiting for God to direct the stone to the right spot. Maybe it happened that way, but when I study David’s life before the giant I see him differently.             

Chapter 16 records King Saul’s search for someone to play soothing music for him. As a young adult David must have already had a reputation for excellence because of what Chapter 16, verse 18 says, “One of the servants answered, "I have seen a son of Jesse of Bethlehem who knows how to play the harp. He is a brave man and a warrior. He speaks well and is a fine‑looking man. And the LORD is with him."  So, David already had a reputation for bravery and he was experienced in battle. Now look at Chapter 17, verses 34-38; David killed a lion and a bear to protect the family sheep. I can visualize David, out with the sheep, bored to tears, passing the time by practicing with his sling. I’ll bet he became a ‘pro’ at hitting all kinds of practice targets and then finally the vicious animals which attacked the sheep.             

The point is this: David was not some little wimpy kid; he was a prepared ready instrument that God could use to work His will for His people. Certainly God can use anyone He chooses to represent him but when you examine the scriptures you’ll see that God most often used those who were serious in their relationships with Him and who had done the work to prepare themselves for service. It’s possible but I doubt that God is going to ‘zap’ you with sudden spiritual depth or increased commitment to Him. It is through the small successes that He grows you into the ‘warrior’ you need to be for him. Like David, you must be willing to do the small things and be willing to take risks that build your spiritual character into what God wants. Remember, giants will always come, masked as challenges or failures. Be like David; he discovered that overcoming challenges was just a stone’s throw away!

 Common Sense Application

1.  On separate cards, write down at least three of the major challenges you are facing right now. On each card list the things that must happen for you to overcome that challenge, leaving space to record when each thing is accomplished. Put the cards in a prominent place where you will see them often

2.  Make a list of the changes you need to make in your life to create an atmosphere for learning and growth; habits you must kick, disciplines you must embrace, commitments you must make, etc.

3.  Share your lists with a trusted friend who will commit to pray for you to redirect your life. Be sure to celebrate with Christian friends when God helps you overcome these challenges.

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Devotional song: Prayer For Holiness

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