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It's was known as the SB-22 switchboard.

Service-Related & Info Links

Have a link you want to recommend? Send it to us today!

New pictures!Are you an Army Signal OCS graduate? Got a business that has a website? Send us the link, and we will post it here!

New pictures!Midway down the page we have added a new section with information useful to Seniors. Click here to check it out.

NOTE RE ORDER OF LIST: The order of the links shown below does not reflect their importance, interest, or priority. New links are added to the top of the list. As a result, older links are forced to the bottom... but are often as important and interesting as those at the top.

NOTE OF CAUTION: The Association does not indorse or support any of the websites listed on this page, or any of the products or services that may be sold on the websites listed here. The list below is provided for your entertainment only. Please also be aware, these are third party websites run by people and organizations with no affiliation with the U.S. Army Signal Corps OCS Association. As such we have no control over their content. As a result, you may find certain content objectionable, or worse, you may subject yourself to spyware, malware or viruses by visiting these sites. To understand more fully our obligations with regard to links on our website that take you to third party websites, such as those listed below, you should read our Website Privacy and Use Policy. You can read that policy by clicking here: Website Privacy & Use Policy. Finally, if you find a dead link, or a site that is not being kept current, please inform us and we will remove it.


The Army Historical Foundation (added 5 April '12) Supported by Carl Jacintho, a Signal OCS graduate from Class 04-66, this website is the home of The National Museum of the United States Army. The museum is in the process of being built. When finished it will take its place along the Potomac River just outside of Washington, DC. "A magnificent state-of-the-art facility [it] will be built to honor America's Soldiers, preserve the history of America's oldest military branch, and educate all American's about the Army's role in our nation's development." With Carl on the team for this project, we can be sure that the Signal Corps will achieve pride of place alongside our sister branches.

221st Signal Company (added 5 March '12) A web site gathering place for 221st Signal Company images and memories. The site began its tour of duty on Oct 1, 2010. If you were part of this unit, visit the website and register to join the association.

Conspiracy Theories (added 21 December '11) If you are one of those who likes to follow the latest conspiracy theories, then you will love this site. Chock full of insight, background, and reference material, including NSAMs on the Vietnam War, it discusses the famous charge that Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to withdraw all troops from Vietnam. It also looks at the "truth" behind the US's involvement in the Diem Coup, whether Johnson was a warmonger, and more.

Eighth Army History (added 18 December '11) For those of you who want to know more about the Korean War, this is the website for you. The Eighth Army was assigned to Korea at the beginning of the Korean War, and has been there ever since. Their history page tells the whole story, just the way it happened, plus, the rest of the website will fill you in on 8th Army life today.

Lone Sentry (added 27 Aug '11). A good site with lots of interesting stories of the military. One of the best is the Service Story of the Signal Corps... which we have condensed and reproduced elsewhere on this site.

Military Blogs (added 26 Feb '11). For those of you who can't get enough of military talk, this website is for you. It provides in one place a massive list of military Blogging websites. Curious about what front line duty is like in Afghanistan? You can find Blogs here where you can swap messages with the guys who fought on the front line. In many cases they are Blogging with you from the front line! Even if you don't want to interact in an actual Blog, sometimes it's just nice to join one, sit back and be a fly on the wall, and read what everyone else is saying. Try it, it will open your eyes about the real world out there, and you'll quickly get a flavor of what life is like in the Army today. Best of all, you may find them asking you questions about what it was like when you served!

459th Signal Battalion (added 12 July '09) An excellent website to visit. Many Army Signal OCS graduates served in the 459th or one of its companies. "Ad Terra Ad Astra"... how many times have you seen that on your shoulder? Visit this site. These folks are good people.

Army Lieutenant Web (added 03 July '09) A good example of a personal effort on the part of one Lieutenant to help his fellow officers navigate through the ton of information officers must know today. This site looks like it's no longer being maintained... even so, it has some interesting information on it.

AUSA  The Association Of The US Army - A true voice for the Army, and support for the soldiers. Worth visiting every day!

The Army  Duh... well... the Home Page for the U. S. Army. What else would you expect it to be?

DD-214s.  Rebuilding Lost, Destroyed, Missing, Never obtained DD-214 Military Discharge Documents

Army Times  News of the Army

First Gov Portal  A Government website to provide one-stop access to all online U.S. Federal Government resources.  

The House House of Representatives Web Page. Track bills, write your Congressman, etc.

The Senate The U. S. Senate Web Page. Track bills, write your Senator, etc.

Korean War Project  Extensive features and capabilities for Korean War veterans. Examples are a guestbook, memorials, bookstore

Looking for Vietnam  The Korean War Project Home Page provides a locator Page for Vietnam Veterans (compliments of the Korean War Project, Hal and Ted Barker)

Phu Lam Signal Facility, Vietnam Rosters by name, year, etc. (added 10/03/06)

Resources you won't believe A collection of interesting, sometimes useful, references, resources, potpourri, and daily diversions to keep your mind busy.

Signal Center Fort Gordon Home Page

SIGNAL Magazine  from AFCEA

SIGNALS Newsletter Editor's personal webpage - as it says, the personal Website of Army Signal OCS Newsletter Editor - R. Lee Wheless

MOAA Military Officers Association of America (formerly TROA)

17th Signal Battalion Association The Association's Web Page

The Veteran's Affairs Department of Veteran's Affairs Web Page

Veterans News and Information Service

VIETNAM STUDIES COMMUNICATIONS ELECTRONICS 1962-1970 Department of the Army document by Major General Thomas Matthew Rienzi. As stated in the book's preface, "This study attempts to record some of the most important experiences, problems, and achievements in the field of communications-electronics during the years 1962 to 1970. It lays no claim to the definity of history."

Senior Friendly Links

Army Class RingArmy Signal Corps ZippoListed below are links which we think will be of interest to Seniors. Many have been reviewed and recommended by the National Institute on Aging. HOWEVER – the Association provides the list below for informational purposes only. We do not in any way indorse or support the sites, the products they sell, the services they offer, nor do we vouch for the propriety of any of these sites.

Have a Senior Friendly site you would like to recommend, send the link to us at: 


Vet Friendly Link – 1 Not a Senior Friendly link per se, but one that is friendly to Vets. This site lists thousands of businesses across America that are owned by Vets. It lets you drill down to your particular town and find businesses right around the corner from you that are owned and run by the kind of guys you served with yesterday.

Assisted Living - I [While reading this, click on the button on picture at right...] This site is called a List Service website... it has no content of its own, but instead posts links to other sites that pay to be listed. This site makes money every time you click on one of the "sponsors" that are listed. Sometimes the link structure is set

up so that you have to click through 5, 10, or even more levels before you get to a real website... because the more clicks you make, the more money they make. Still, among the links and sponsors that are listed are some that have valuable information on housing alternatives for Seniors. Please be careful though... while this site looks clean, List Service sites are notorious for using tricks to capture information about you that is eventually resold. Some have also been known to spam you, download viruses and other malware onto your computer (called a drive-by download), or trick you with fraudulent offers. For future reference, you can always identify a List Service website by the fact that it usually has no more than one or two paragraphs of real content, followed by a long list of sponsored ads, or a list of topics you can click on. Don't be afraid of List Service sites... just be very careful when using them, and make sure your virus filters are on and up to date. (Shields up, Captain!)

Assisted Living - II  Another List Service site, but this time more cleverly packaged to look like a real website. The information on this site focuses on Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Medical Care. As in the case above, please be careful as you click through the list of links and sponsored ads on this site. Just because it appears in print does not mean the business is legitimate.

Benefit Programs Another List Service website (see Assisted Living - I above for explanation), but still a very useful site to help Seniors find benefit programs to meet their needs.

New pictures!Cellphone & Internet Discounts for seniors This website lists  which phone, internet and cable TV providers offer discounts for veterans and older people. While these types of discounts aren’t as widespread as we’d like to see them, listed on this website are a few providers that understand that many older members of our population, especially those who are retired or veterans, aren’t earning as much as younger folk. The list of companies shown here have tailored packages, pricing plans, or discounts to give us old folks a break. It's worth checking this website out. 

Clothing  Special clothing for those who are disabled, are stroke victims, suffer from arthritis, or otherwise have an adaptive clothing need. Great site, with lots of variety.

Computer Education For Seniors Still stumped as to what ISDN is? Still think that Twitter is something a bird does? Then check out this site... it's all about computer and technology education for Seniors.

FDA Tips For Seniors This site is a subsection of the full FDA website, with specific information of value to Seniors. NOTE: US Government websites are notorious for moving pages around. If this turns out to be a broken link, try searching the FDA website for the terms "seniors" or "elderly," and drop us a note to let us know that the link has been broken. Thank you.

Help With Aging  A combination advertising, List Service, and content providing website, this site focuses on helping Seniors help America, and each other through volunteerism. Answers the question as to why you should volunteer, as well as where you can help the most. Also an excellent resource of information about how to deal with your own aging issues, from Medicare, to finding jobs, tax questions, and more. Still... remember, their job is to make money from this website, so be careful what you tell them about yourself.

Help For Your Wallet This site assists you in finding discount coupons and lower price products so that you never miss a sale or discount again.

General Help For Seniors General information for those of us getting up there in years... and who isn't? Claims to be "a no-nonsense, yet caring and compassionate internet destination devoted to helping seniors improve with age." Hey, I thought I was already fully improved? You mean there's still more learning to come??

Grand-parenting Got a few kids who've got a few kids? Then this site is for you: provides information on Grand-parenting. Designed to help you relate to your Grandkids, plan activities, and have fun.

Medical Alert Products A for profit website that provides information about and sells medical alert and safety systems for Seniors. You may be able to find similar products and solutions in your local community from security alarm or other similar companies. Even so, this may be a good place to start if you want to learn how these systems work and what benefits they provide. As always, please use caution when buying something or doing business over the internet. Note too that the Association does not endorse this or any other for profit websites or companies.

Mobility Assistance From electric wheelchairs to rolling walkers, this site has it. They carry all the top brands, including Invacare, Sunrise Medical, Quickie, Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, TiLite, ROHO and many more. 

National Council on Aging The NCOA is a nonprofit organization providing service to older persons. It offers policy and legislative advocacy as well as professional development, research, and information resources to its members. The NCOA has eleven constituent units: the National Institute of Senior Centers, National Institute on Adult Daycare, National Center on Rural Aging, National Voluntary Organizations for Independent Living for the Aging, National Institute of Senior Housing, National Association of Older Worker Employment Services, National Institute on Community- Based Long-Term Care, the Health Promotion Institute, the National Interfaith Coalition on Aging, the National Institute on Financial Issues and Services for Elders, and the National Center for Voluntary Leadership in Aging.

News & Information - I  A combination List Service and content website, this site provides useful articles, resources, news and information that will entertain you as well as help make your life a bit easier and less complicated. Not sure what a "List Service" website is? Then please read "Assisted Living - I" above.

News & Information - II This website cleverly bills itself as the The "E-cyclopedia" of housing options and information for retirement, finance, insurance and care. It's a useful mixture of real information and content, and advertisements for companies intent on selling you their goods and services. Use it as a resource, but please be careful when making online purchases. As always, when surfing sites like this, be aware that many times their goal is to get you to disclose personal information about yourself, so that it can be resold to others. This is often done by asking you to "register." When you do register with a website, unless you know and trust the site, never give your real name,  birth date, contact details, phone number, or other information. Make them up, then write them down so that you can remember them later. Remember too, the Association does not endorse this or any other for profit websites or companies.

PTSD Help - Outpatient Assistance  A commercial website promoting a California PTSD treatment center, the information they offer is worth looking at. Their list of 16 ways to help a friend with PTSD is well worth the read.

PTSD Help - Helpguide.Org  A good place to start to get a handle on what PTSD is and whether it is affecting you or a member of your family.

PTSD Help - The VA's site on PTSD  A good place to get up to speed on what the VA can do to help you. Like the other sites listed here, even if they can't help you, looking at these sites can help you figure out where you are on the road to recovery.

Senior Citizen Resources  A US Government website designed to help you find government resources for Seniors on various topics from money to housing, health, consumer protection, and more. Being a government website, don't be surprised if it is offline or otherwise difficult to connect to. Seriously, while a useful site, on occasion we have had to try three or four times before we were able to connect to it.  

Senior Lifestyles  A for profit website that provides Senior living and care information and recommendations on such topics as Residential Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Respite Care, and more. Likely as not, this site receives a referral fee if you buy something or do business with a company you found via their website. Regardless of how they make their money, please be aware that this site represents a for profit business and that you have to do something for them to make a profit. Accordingly and as always, please use caution when buying something or doing business over the internet, or when following the recommendations of, or accepting referrals from someone you met on the internet. Be careful not to fall for high pressure sales tactics. When filling out online registration forms to join a web community or website, never provide your real name and address, phone number, birth date, or other contact details. Make them up instead, and write down what you used in a notebook for future reference. Note too that the Association does not endorse this or any other for profit websites or companies.

Travel For Seniors - I  Now that you don't have to drive to work everyday, why not drive somewhere else? Get out and see the world. Travel... and enjoy it. Interested in traveling, then check this site out. Discover nearly 8,000 educational tours in all 50 states, and more than 90 countries.

Travel For Seniors - II  A Canadian travel planning website that caters to Seniors from all over the world. Useful for help in pricing and planning your travel, but before spending any money make sure 1) the prices you are quoted are in U.S.$ and not Canadian $, 2) you don't have to pay an exchange rate conversion fee if you use a US credit card, and 3) be sure to also check other websites to see if you can find better pricing through the usual high profile sites like Expedia and the like. You might also drop by your local travel agent and ask them if they can beat the deal you found on this site... at least that way, if the trip turns out to be a disaster, there's someplace you can go to throttle the person who made the arrangements (just kidding...)

Links to businesses run by Army Signal OCS Grads...
support your fellows classmates!
Check out their websites and buy from them whenever you can.

(Listings are alphabetical by subject)

Are you a former Army Signal OCS graduate? Got a  business? Submit your link to us for posting here!

A Call For Action – Doug Lising, Class 04-67, asks the question "Have you ever wondered how the federal government has been able to grow so large, cumbersome, and intrusive?" Doug has written a book titled “Remember Roscoe FIlburn” that answers the question and suggests several solutions to the problem of big, intrusive government. Doug tell us that "The book may be downloaded for FREE at or a printed book (with a nifty color cover) can be purchased from Amazon for $10. I would ask anyone that finds the book interesting to spread the word and tell others to download the free PDF version." Doug would also be happy to receive any feedback at We've taken the time to read bits of Doug's book, and it not only reads well but makes its points well too. Take the time to read it yourself and form your own opinion, then let Doug know your views.

New pictures!Max Holt Media  – Max Holt, this Association's Chaplain, Class 02-67, just launched his own media website. On it you will find his latest novel, A.I. Rising - THE DOME. It's a great read and you would do well to pick up a copy of your own, either paperback or Kindle edition (audio edition is coming soon). Learn and read more about over 30 books Max has published. Visit the website, and pass it on to your friends. THE DOME, get your copy today.

Traditional Maine Art – Richard A Dabrowski, Class 23-43 – A well published artist with works in mediums from porcelain through to pen and ink, woodcuts, stoneware, bronze, terra cotta and more. Richard celebrated his 100th birthday in March, 2012, and was at that time still actively involved in his art. To learn more about his art and see a few examples click on the blinking light at left, and follow the links to purchase a piece of his art for your own home.

NRA Certified Instructor Al Smith, Class 14-67 – Professional firearms training; don't bet your life on anything less. Excellent 2 part course covering 4 separate lessons leading to full NRA Certification; world class instructors in a world class facility, video courses, and more. Contact Al Smith and you can be Front Site trained too! Click blinking light at left to visit Al's website and learn more.

New pictures!Photo Services Ron Sherman, a graduate of Signal OCS Class 08-67, is a well known and world famous photographer. His OCS story is interesting, as he started in an earlier class, survived a rampaging TAC officer and ended up in 08-67.  During his time he served in Vietnam from October 67-68 as a photo officer at the 1st MIBARS Headquarters in Saigon and with the 45th MI Det(ARS) in Hue Phu Bai. His last 6 months in service was as a communications officer in Cleveland, Ohio. The link at left will take you to a webpage he maintains with 15 pictures of OCS Class 08-67 training. Ron will be adding more pictures as he processes them, so check back frequently.

Promotional Products Van Nuys, California, Allan Clair, Class 22-67 (Major, 14 years of service in the Active Reserve...). A&A Specialty Advertising is a full service distributor and marketer of a wide variety of Promotional Products proven to assist businesses increase sales by as much as 30 percent. When compared to other forms of Advertising—T.V., Radio, Newspaper, Yellow Pages—Promotional Products have proven to be a great tool to extend goodwill and build Brand Equity for years. Click the blinking light at left to visit Allan's website and see examples of the glass awards, personalized luggage tags, business card holders, and much, much more that he has available.

Realty Colorado, David Martinek, Class 09-67. Looking for a mountain getaway? A place to retire? Check out what LTC Martinek (R) has to offer. Click the blinking light at left to visit Dave's website.

Realty South Carolina, Jimmy Stewart, Class 17-52. Time to retire near the seashore? Then contact Jimmy. Located in Little River, SC, Jimmy can help you find the perfect place in the South Carolina Tidewater area. Jimmy will be "the only friend you will ever need in real estate." It will be his pleasure to serve you in any way possible in your quest for real estate. Click the blinking light at left to visit Jimmy's website.

Please send our webmaster any ideas for additional service-related links that you think would be helpful to our Association's members.

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