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41-01 Arthur Barker
42-08 Clarence Copp, Jr.
43-27 Edgar Buerger
44-33 Earle Bunker
44-34 Morris Jones
52-05 James Martin
52-08 Robert H. Rogers
52-09 James O. Varner
52-15T James Martin
52-16 Donald Gregory
52-17 Jimmy Stewart
52-21 Donald Rehman
66-04 Milton O'Quinn
66-07 Alvin Watkins
66-08 Joe Crews
66-09 William Bradshaw
66-11 Martin Sas
66-12 William Feleciano
66-13 R. Lee Wheless
66-16 Jim Canty
66-16A Fred Vallejo Jr.
66-18 Thomas Dorrington
66-19 John Wheeler
67-01 Franklin Caldwell
67-02 Patrick Polis
67-03 Allen Jacobson
67-04 James Caldwell
67-07 Michael Lorfing
67-09 Daniel Judge/Earl Tingle
67-10 Harry Faircloth
67-11 Richard Ralston
67-14 Richard DeStefano/Thomas Sommer/J. Dallas Winslow
67-17 Leonard Schrank
67-18 Preas Street
67-20 James Worley
67-22 Phillip S. Reese
67-23 Joseph King
67-24 Lester Crapse

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