Candidate Joseph E. Passantino

Army Signal OCS Class 15-43

1 May 2017

eMail Received April 11, 2017; 1605 hours

Nina Beck here, writing from the Los Angeles area, on behalf of my late dad, Joe (Joseph Ernesto) Passantino, who served from early 1943 to early 1946 at the ages of 29 to 32 as a professional still and movie photographer (see attached images - one of him behind a movie camera; another, an article showing he opened a lithography plant, which became very successful - he previously worked for his brother's music printing co., Passantino Brands).  He was extremely accomplished, and a popular man with charm who drew everyone in, and from the photos, it's obvious that the Chinese children and others in Kunming, and his fellow officers, took to him right away.  He became a 1LT ultimately.   

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Joe Passantino Army Signal Corps photographer

Joe Passantino - Kunming, China

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Passantino ID Card #1

Passantino ID Card #2

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Editors Note, 1 May 2017: Ms. Beck is in the process of sending additional pictures and background
material on her dad. It will be posted upon receipt.