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Let us know and we will gladly post it here.

Post your inquiry here. With a little luck someone who served with him will contact you.

Guidelines: to allow us sufficient time to update our website, please have your
notice precede your event by at least 8 weeks.
Send your requests to:


Posted 1 September 2014

Click here to hear more hidden Army marches: This one is Music of Service - "Old soldiers never die..."U.S. Army Signal Corps OCS Association Reunion

The Association's reunion is coming up in October. To be held in Kissimmee, Florida, it'll be a grand ol' time you shouldn't miss. To get your application form jump to our Reunion Info page and download it. You can get there via the menu item in the upper left corner of this page, or by clicking here: YES! I WANT TO GO TO THE REUNION!

Posted 1 September 2014

Click here to hear more hidden Army marches: This one is Music of Service - "Old soldiers never die..."Post Your Bulletin Here!

Send us your U.S. military related or military association news bulletin and we'll be pleased to post it here!

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Click here to hear more hidden Army marches: This one is Music of Service - "Old soldiers never die..."New VA Grave Program For Burial In Non-VA Cemeteries

The VA is offering a new program for Veterans not buried in national or state veterans' cemeteries, or those without a government grave marker.VA Graves Marker The new program makes available a medallion that can be affixed to existing graves, and can be used instead of a traditional government headstone. Per the VA, "The medallion is available in three sizes: 5", 3" and 1 " in width. Each bronze medallion features the image of a folded burial flag adorned with laurels and is inscribed with the word "Veteran" at the top and the branch of service at the bottom.

Next of kin will receive the medallion, along with a kit that will allow the family or the staff of a private cemetery to affix the medallion to a headstone, grave marker, mausoleum or columbarium niche cover."

For information on the program, click the picture at right. Information about other VA burial benefits can be obtained from national cemetery offices, from the VA website on the Internet at or by calling VA regional offices toll-free at 1-800-827-1000.

 Posted 21 June 2010

Click here to hear more hidden Army marches: This one is Music of Service - "Old soldiers never die..."From Belgium: Searching for WWII Signal Corps Army Photographer Helmet

From an eMail recently received:

I am desperately trying to find a photo of a M1C helmet of a signal corps officer during WW2. I am a re-enactor wearing the uniform of a 82nd Airborne paratrooper with the "US Army Photographer" shoulder badge and "Photographer" cloth patch. I am willing to purchase a helmet but I cannot manage finding such dedicated helmets (I think it was a M1C with the yellow marking "Photographer" in front of the helmet. 

Could you please tell me where I could find photos of photographers wearing such helmets ?

I was told that some helmets were modified for photographer in the US army during WW2, is it true ? Could I see a picture of this ? 

NB: this is my photo website: 

Thx for your help! 

Best regards \ Bien vous \ Met vriendelijke groeten


Robert MARY

Group Internal Audit (BOD\AUD)

20 U 06 

Bd du Roi Albert II 27


Tel: +32 2 202-70-23

Fax:  +32 2 202-70-15

E-mail address :

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News Flash
War Stories Needed 

ArmySignalOCS is expanding its site to include personal stories, pictures, audio and video memories from Army Signal OCS graduates, their families and friends. If you want to memorialize your time in the Signal Corps, send us your story.

Not all stories will be published. ArmySignalOCS editors will read each submission and select best of breed and interest to all. However, any topic is acceptable: sad, happy, poignant, humorous, love laced, hard hitting, true war stories, stories of fire fights, or just memories of rainy nights in Georgia... send us what you have and include pictures. For more information, click on the Web Submissions link at left.

To read some of the stores already submitted, see their pictures, or simply wander through the memories of your fellow officers, click on the Veterans' Salutes section at left.

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News Flash
Pictures Needed Of Your OCS Class

When you do a search on this site for a member of your OCS Class, you end up on a web page with a table showing the list of class members for your class, and their current status. The bottom half of most pages is blank. We want to fill it with pictures of the people in that class. If you have candid pictures of class members, especially if they were taken while you were in OCS, please send them to us. We will post them on your class' page. Be sure to give us a little background on your pictures, so that we can properly label them. If you have any good pics, take them down to your local drug store and ask them to scan them at 300 dpi to a file. Attach your file to an eMail, and send it to us at Be sure to tell us the Class Number, identify the people in it, and tell us a bit about the setting, date, and anything else you can remember. Both we, and your classmates, thank you.


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