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Reunion Information



...sign up today and join us!

The venue for the 2014 Army Signal Corps OCS Association Reunion will be Kissimmee, Florida.

Reunion dates are 10 - 13 October !

Register now!

2014 Signal Corps OCS Reunion


- The reunion is held in October, every year. This year is no different folks.

- Since October is the off-season in Florida you can expect very reasonable rates in 2014.

- On our planning list of possible tours…the Space Shuttle Atlantis Museum at Cape Kennedy.  Plus there are dozens more things to see in the Orlando area!

- To download a REGISTRATION FORM click  HERE!

- To see a current list of those registered to attend, click  HERE!

Join Us!

- - - - - 

Having a reunion with your military buddies soon? Let us know about it and we'll post it here. Not only that, but we'll have it indexed so that search engines pick up on it too. That way anyone searching for information on your group will find it!


Click here to hear a hidden Army march: Pre & Post Ceremony Music - Washington Post MarchSignal OCS Reunion Photo Albums

We are adding pictures from previous reunions. If you have pics, please send them to us. And be sure to identify the people and the circumstances in the pictures as best you can, so that posterity will know who we were. Enjoy!

Army Signal Corps OCS Reunion - 2001

Great pics from the reunion long, long ago, at Ft. Monmouth. Many of us attended post-OCS training at Monmouth before heading off to our first assignments. Even if you didn't attend this reunion, check out these pictures... you will see a lot of things that bring back memories of Ft. Monmouth.

OCS Reunion Photo Album - 1994

Just a couple of 2003 reunion pictures at this time, courtesy of the Association newsletter. If you have any in your files, please send them along and we will add them here.

2007 Army Signal OCS Reunion - Ft. Gordon, GA

The 2007 reunion brought everyone back to where it all started, Ft. Gordon. Lots of pictures here folks... well worth the time to scroll through them. 

Army Signal Corps OCS Association 2009 Reunion

Great 2009 reunion pictures, courtesy Col. Preas L. Street (R), Class 18-67. Many photos need identifying info. If you recognize people in photos, please send us a picture caption. Thank you.

Army Signal Corps Reunion 2010

Lots of good pictures from the 2010 reunion in St. Louis. Click to enjoy.

Army Signal OCS 2012 Reunion  Not many pictures, but good ones from the 2012 reunion. If you have any in your own collection, send them to us and we will add them here. Click to enjoy.   

Miscellaneous Reunion Videos and Slide Shows

Signal OCS 2010 Reunion, Part 1

Signal OCS 2010 Reunion, Part 2

Signal OCS 2010 Reunion, Part 3

Signal OCS 2010 Reunion, Part 4

A 4 part series of videos of the 2010 Signal OCS Association reunion held in St. Louis.

From the Army Signal Corps OCS Association Video Collection, a collection of slides and videos of the 2010 Signal OCS Association reunion held in St. Louis, in October of that year. 

Click here to hear a hidden Army march: Pre & Post Ceremony Music - Washington Post MarchReunion Photo Albums For Sister Units

Please Note: Many former units hold reunions, and of course, many of these units had OCS class members assigned to them. If the unit you served in has a reunion and you attend it, send us your pictures, highlight the Signal OCS Class Members, and we'll post it here.

221st Sign Co, Long Binh SEAPC

Includes OCS class members from classes 18-66, 04-67, 18-67, 21-67, 23-67, 01-68

WWII 805th Signal Service Company Reunion

Reunion booklet for the 805th Signal Service Company, WWII. 13 Pages of great pictures of this group of SIGSALY operators who number among them many, many Signal OCS graduates.


If you are planning a reunion of your own, or just a get together with your old Army Signal OCS buddies, let us know and we will gladly post it here. Send your reunion details to Don't forget, take lots of pictures and send them to us and we'll post a Reunion Photo Album here.

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