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Military Music Memories

Praise the LordPraise The Lord!

Plug your ear-buds in, turn your lights down low, turn up the volume, put your hands together, sit back, kick up your heels, and prepare to get in touch with the Lord.

Posted here you'll find a compilation of the songs that have appeared at the bottom of our Devotional column since the first month Lieutenant Colonel (R) Max Holt began writing them. For over 4 years now Max, our Association's Chaplain, has written and posted a devotional column each month. His columns are inspiring and help everyone who visits our website understand the world they live in, deal with it, and gain both solace from the Lord and help with the problems they face. Throughout this whole time Colonel Holt has most kindly allowed us to add devotional music to each month's column. You'll find a compilation of that music below.

Every few months we update the list by adding the latest songs to it, so drop back once in a while and listen to the entire album of the Lord's music again.

Managing Editor, ArmySignalOCS.com         

Please remember, regard and respect that all of the songs streamed here are
the copyright property of their respective artists, publishers and owners.
We thank each for allowing us to play their music in thanks to the Lord.

This page last updated 26 July 2016.