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Candidate John Busch,
Class 10-67

    -  From an eMail received on 3/29/2013  -   


Signal OCS Candidate John Busch - Class 10-67Following my Army Signal Corps OCS graduation in October, 1967, I joined the 102nd Battalion of the 516th Signal Group, of the Strategic Communication Command (STRATCOM) in Karlshrue, Germany. Our organization was tasked with providing tactical communications to the 7th Army – Europe, and air-transportable communications to the Joints Chiefs of Staff. 

Our equipment included HF, UHF, SHF and Tropospheric Scatter units. After a short stint in one of the line units I was appointed Operations and Intelligence Officer (S 2/3), where I stayed for the remainder of my tour. My security clearances precluded me from assignment to a war zone. At the time I felt somewhat guilty as many of my associates were sent to Vietnam after a short time in Germany. However, since I was married and my wife was with me, I was also glad that I was able to complete my tour with the 516th.

I left the Army at the end of my tour and soon thereafter returned to Long Island, New York, where I joined the 516th Signal Group - USAREUR 1960sNew York Telephone Company. I then took an early retirement offer in 1996 and became an International Consultant—eventually starting my own consulting company. 

I had some great opportunities and worked extensively in Australia and on shorter assignments in India, many countries in Europe and in the US. My wife Shirley and I—who had eloped between Basic Training and OCS—have two daughters and an almost five year old granddaughter and eight month old grandson.

I fully retired a few years ago and now have time to enjoy my wife of almost 47 years, children, grandchildren and friends. Even after all these years, I can remember many events from OCS as if they happened only yesterday. When I looked at the class picture on the web site, some of the names and faces were as familiar to me as they were in 1966 and 1967.

My current contact information is available from the U.S. Army Signal Corps' archivist. Drop him a note at and identify yourself, and he'll be happy to put you in touch with me.

John Busch




This page originally posted 13 April, 2013.

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