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What's going on at Ft. Monmouth?

We received a recent newsletter from the Fort Monmouth Chapel Alumni Association that includes several photos from the now-closed fort that may be of interest to a number of our members. An extract is included here.
Placeholder imageThank you to MG David Gust and our secretary, MAJ Richard Green, for forwarding this interesting newsletter to us.
You may CLICK HERE to download the complete newsletter.

Click here to view photos & read an excerpt

Last class from Ft. Gordon

FG Rambler
From Class 04-68, last Army Signal OCS class before the program was shut down, come these scans courtesy of Don Fedynak. They are digital copies of the Fort Gordon Rambler that was published in honor of the OCS program. Dated Wednesday, February 7, 1968, and published to mark the end of the program. The broadside discusses the original aims of Army Signal OCS, talks of the 2,210 graduates who finished the program, and provides lots of other facts and trivia along the way. Take a moment to read it. You'll be amazed at what you did back then, and may be surprised that the article recalls things you have completely forgotten.
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