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May 2016

— This Month —
The Military & Politics; Politics & The Military

•   •   •   •

Social Experimentation In The Military

Living With America's Social Experimenter in Chief


Tone Matters

A Treatise On The Impact Of The Signal Corps On Society

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Our Association is a not-for-profit fraternal organization. It's purpose is a) to foster camaraderie among the graduates of Signal Corps Officer Candidate School classes of the World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War eras, b) to organize and offer scholarships and other assistance for the families of Officer and Enlisted OCS cadre who are in need, and c) to archive for posterity the stories and history of all of the Signal Corps OCS Officers who served this great country. We are open to ALL former Army Signal Corps OCS graduates, their families and friends, as well as other officers, enlisted men, those interested in military history, and the general public. Please, come join us. For more information about our Association, to see a list of our Officers and Directors, or for contact details, click on the OCS Association link at left.

Please note: The views and opinions expressed on this website are offered in order to stimulate interest in those who visit it. They are solely the views and expressions of the authors and/or contributors to this website and do not necessarily represent the views of the Army Signal Corps Officer Candidate School Association, its Officers, Directors, members, volunteers, staff, or any other party associated with the Association. If you have any suggestions for improvements to this site, please send them to We are here to serve you. 


From the editor's desk

Some have criticized us for making the content of this Home Page too political. If you are one of those, our apologies. However, from our perspective, having fought for America and having kept our tongue all of those years we were in uniform, we feel we have now earned the right, as civilians, to speak our mind as to how those that run the country we fought for are doing.

In this regard, don't think of the content in this and many of our other Home Page articles as political in nature, think of it as a course in social studies... because although we do wax political at times, most of the time it is because we are making comment on what our corrupt political system has given us in terms of the kind of society we are about to leave our children with.

So too this month it is necessary to bring politics into our conversation. Not from the standpoint of telling you who to vote for—that's none of our business—but from the standpoint of explaining the impact of the ways those we elect think and act on our society.

In our first article we examine the situation behind what brought women into combat, and what we should do about it. In this case we comment on politics because it was politics that brought women into combat.

The same is the case with our second article, but here we look more closely at the role the Signal Corps played in helping America form its value system, and comment on how today's political thinking could overturn the good that came from certain Signal Corps actions of the past. A surprising conclusion on our part, we think you will find it intriguing how we link the U.S. Army Signal Corps to that which makes America what it is today, and politics to the risk that much of the good that the Signal Corps started over 70 years ago could be undone by today's politicians.

Nevertheless, read it and we think you will see, while military actions like those the Signal Corps undertakes can unknowingly, through their actions, become a global cause for good, politicians can undo the benefit we bring.

Finally, this being the beginning of summer, we will try as we can to refrain—from next month forward anyway—from writing deep, analytical, introspective articles on what makes the world tick. That is, we'll give you a break for the summer. Beginning next month, and for the next several more, we'll post videos each month instead of ruminative articles of military focused social commentary.

Enjoy your summer. Take us along with you to the beach, and enjoy the short videos we post instead of all of this thinking about thinking.


Managing Editor


Social Experimentation In The Military

Coed Combat

Living With America's Social Experimenter And Chief

Let’s get the political haranguing out of the way before we go too much further...

The destruction this administration has done to our country in the past 7+ years is mind blowing. It’s nearly impossible to find any vestiges of the old America in this new version Obama has created. For the sake of social experimentation, he has systematically disassembled the very foundations of our greatness, and left both us Americans and the rest of the world with a nearly non-functional, mostly useless bureaucracy without purpose or leadership. Worse, he has brought this virus to the one element that until now all Americans could rely on: the U.S. Military.

We talk here not just of the destruction he has wrought by emasculating the military in terms of size and budget, but also in terms of its mission. Rather than stand to protect America, as our military of old used to, the U.S. Military now stands as yet another social miasma for experimentation. Experimentation in terms of how this leftist leaning President that we have in office can play his game to see how he can change society to suit his view of what we should all be. A game he plays, one sickening twist at a time.

How else to explain his decision to fully integrate women into the combat roles of the military? Not for the purpose of improving America’s combat effectiveness, that’s for sure. Not for the purpose of strengthening the military’s ability to achieve its mission. Not for any purpose, other than to play at social engineering. To try and change the America we have built for over 200 years into Barack Obama’s version of what America should be.

When recently surveyed, over 92.5% of the women presently serving in the U.S. Military stated that they preferred to stay as far away from front line combat as humanly possible… that they were quite content to serve in rear echelon jobs. Yet the President ignored this and other similar information that showed that combat would suffer with girls on the front line, in the lineup of people who busted down doors in concrete row houses in places like Basra, Al Anbar, and Al Kut… or in this author’s time in the Battle of Cu Nghi, Battle of Xa Cam My, Battle of Ap My An, or any of the hundreds of other sweaty, stinking little battles that we fought in Vietnam.

Instead, he carried on, pushing his social agenda in full ignorance of the realities of war. To hell with winning wars, under his form of government there would be no wars, so what difference would it make if women were on the front line or not?

And he won.

Such is it that in America the military follows the rules, and though the rule he enacted to open every combat role to women fails to serve any purpose other than social engineering within the military, to those that serve it is still a rule… that is, it is a command, and we military men follow commands.

Today we know this: the decision to let women compete for all military combat positions is as irreversible as earlier edicts that allowed gays and lesbians to openly serve. Dislike it though many may, the rule stands... women will be in combat. All we can hope for at this point is that the promise our commanders have made that standards won't be lowered will prove to be true.

For now, the debate is over. We are past the decision. Now we must make it work. Now we must implement the program.

As to what the program is, that remains to be seen. The Marine Corps, clever as ever, tried to keep certain infantry and combat jobs closed to women, citing studies showing combined-gender units are not as effective as male-only units. That didn’t work. The White House overruled them.

Since December, the military services have been scrambling to put together plans outlining exactly how these combat seeking Big Booty Judies will be integrated into male-only units. So far, their ideas have evolved slowly. Is it foot dragging on the part of the military? Or are they really lost as to how to go about it?

Many of us sitting out here on the fringe—50 years removed from combat—are glad we don’t have to go through this dim-witted exercise.

Could we cope with it, or would we revolt? Likely as not, if we could put up with a war being run from the Oval Office like the one Johnson famously ran, we could put up with this too… or at the very least, after fighting it with classic passive aggressive military tactics, we would eventually adapt to it… because after all, we’re soldiers and we follow orders, no matter how stupid they may be. 

Continued at top of page, COLUMN AT RIGHT



Women In Combat


Vietnam Campaign Ribbons

This page last updated 1 May 2016. New content is constantly being added. Please check back frequently.

Update 1 May Vietnam Vets are pushing the VA to link Bladder Cancer to Agent Orange. If you suffer from Bladder Cancer, keep yourself informed on their progress. October 2015 reunion pictures

Update 8 March 2016 The daughter of Candidate Harold Bercu, OCS Class 42-11, recently sent us a mini-bio covering her dad's time in the Army during WWII. Harold died this past January, but before his passing Julie, his daughter, sat and spoke with him and captured for posterity his memories of his time in service. It's a wonderful piece; short, poignant yet full of history too. Take the time to read what Julie sent us, and take the time to put your own memories together... while you can. Our thanks to Julie Bercu for caring enough to capture her dad's military memories; click here to read them. October 2015 reunion pictures

Update 1 February 2016 October's reunion (2015) pictures have finally been posted. Click here to see and enjoy them. October 2015 reunion pictures



Continued from left column... 

So it’s time to move on. Chalk one up for the Social Experimenter in Chief. He won. We lost. Forget about retention, injury rates and unit effectiveness, the order has been given. Now it’s time to move out. And while some may hope that everything will work out for the better, we know something else: hope is not a course of action on the battlefield. Those girls that serve better be damned good at what they do, or men will die.

As for what happens next, let’s see what Congress does about making it a law that if we have to serve with them, they have to serve. That is, by making it a law that just as men are required, every sweet young girl in America that turns 18 must now be required to sashay down to her local Selective Service Office and register for the draft.

Welcome to equality sister. Enjoy the ride.



Tone Matters

•   •   •   •

A Treatise On The Impact Of
The Signal Corps On Society


Further down this page you'll find a film. The film is the official documentary report compiled from over 80,000 feet of film shot immediately after liberation by U.S. Army Signal Corps military photographers, in the German concentration camps that were found.

It’s an interesting point to ponder how much of America’s value system comes from things like this film... something the Signal Corps did. In a moment we will talk of the impact this film's footage has had—or not had—on society, but for the moment let's talk of the impact of the many advances we Signal Corps people have brought to all of the various forms of communication man uses, from telegraph to telephone, radio, satellite, cyber, digital and more. In no small manner, many of the things the Signal Corps has invented—and done—have driven society’s evolutionary progress... from the time of the Civil War until now.

Who can say that the kinds of people our children turned out to be was not affected by the types of communication devices the Signal Corps brought to the world? One need only look at our children’s addiction today to smartphones to see that much of their character, system of belief and values come not from parental guidance, but from the communicative interaction they participate in with their peers.

And these smartphones, although commercialized by industry, they too stemmed from Signal Corps advancements. To wit, by definition, a smartphone is a cell phone that includes additional software functions, as well as some form of visual display to make the data being transmitted to it more easily able to be internalized by the user. From the outset then, any decent Signal Corps Officer will immediately recognize any one of today’s new smartphones as nothing more than an advanced, commercialized form of a 1980s military field radio with digital readouts and texting capabilities.

AN/GRC-215Something along the lines of the old AN/GRC-215 comes to mind, with its digital readout. The GRC-215 was an HF shortwave SSB transceiver originally intended for hardened use in the event of a nuclear war in Europe. While it fell by the wayside when the Berlin Wall came down, it originally was loaded with digital communication features, covering 2 MHz to 30 MHz in 10 Hz steps, using a high-speed DDS synthesizer, it was capable of USB, LSB and CW as well as data. Of importance to us today, the technology behind it and many other forms of AN/GRC radios from back in those days morphed over time into today’s smartphones.

Other than technology itself, many of the other things the Signal Corps has done through the ages have brought to America—and the world—society changing benefits.

As the film below will show, U.S. Army Signal Corps efforts to document the atrocities performed by Nazi Germany during WWII, for the purpose of supporting the war crimes trials which were at that time still to be held, exposed to the world how inhumane man can be to man.

By documenting on motion picture film the facts of the German concentration camps spread throughout Europe, the Signal Corps was able to provide irrefutable evidence, of a kind that would insure the conviction of German military and civilian leaders, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Among the war crime trials where the footage you are about to see was used were the:

Nuremberg Trials, which focused on the 23 most important leaders of the Third Reich, 1945–1946.

• The films went on to be used again in what are referred to today as the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials.

Dachau Trials held within the walls of the former Dachau concentration camp, from 1945–1948.

Auschwitz Trial held in Kraków, Poland in 1947, against 40 SS (Schutzstaffel) staff. This trial focused on the Auschwitz concentration camp death factory.

Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials.

Belzec Trial, which was held before the 1st Munich District Court in the mid-1960s. It tried eight SS men who oversaw and ran the Belzec extermination camp command.

Majdanek Trials. These trails became the overall longest Nazi war crimes trials in history, spanning over 30 years.

Sobibor Trial held in Hagen, Germany in 1965. It focused on the officials that ran the infamous Sobibor extermination camp.

Chełmno Trials of the Chełmno extermination camp. Held in both Poland and Germany, it focused on the  personnel that ran the Chełmno extermination camp. Long and involved, the cases were decided almost twenty years apart, thanks in great measure to the film footage shot by the U.S. Army Signal Corps.

Supreme National Tribunal for Trial of War Criminals. These trials were held in Poland, from 1946 to 1948

While it is great that the Signal Corps documented this evidence, even going so far as to attest to the authenticity of the scenes on the film by presenting affidavits both filmed and signed by those who gathered the footage, our point of interest is in the impact the publication of these films had on society.

Thanks to the Signal Corps the world now recognizes that crimes against humanity exist, and has set its collective mind to say that acts of these kind will never again be tolerated… or at least that's what the world used to say. Today, one can not be sure. Today that determination seems to have slipped from our collective memory… drifted away to the point that global leaders no longer fear committing atrocities like those found in the attached movie.

To make our case of the dangerous trend this portends, let us give you two examples: first, let us look at President Obama, and then let's look at Donald Trump.

Watch the attached film, and then ponder how it is possible that President Obama would display nothing but spineless ineptitude in how he handled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s gassing of his own people.

 Time: 00:57:53

The 2013 Ghouta chemical attack, as it has come to be known, is nothing short of exactly the kind of inhumanity that the attached film of Nazi perdition portrays. Yet the leader of the free world, the leader of the one country on earth that should stand up to inhumanity, the leader of our country, the great and righteous United States of America, did nothing. He did absolutely nothing. When the world found out that it was true that Assad had gassed his own people, our President slinked back into his hole. Essentially, he stood down and let Assad live to kill another day. Click here for another view on this topic   

What has happened to America, that we let these kinds of things happen and do nothing other than to close our eyes and turn away? One wonders if the Signal Corps needs to go back into the real world and film for humanity again the atrocities sanctioned by not only those that commit them, but the leaders of our own country, who allow things like this to happen in today’s modern age. Happen with impunity.

Today everyone talks of Obama’s quest for a legacy. If he wants one, he should have earned it, by doing things like bringing Assad and his henchmen to justice. Having a legacy of using the power of the U.S. military to take down Assad and bring him to trial for crimes against humanity would be far better than building a whimpering legacy around enacting trade agreements that will hurt American business as much as it helps it.

This man’s priorities are all wrong. What if it were American children that died in Assad’s gas attack, what would he have felt then, seeing their lifeless forms on the ground… cold, still, without color or life? Why then did he show no empathy, pity or commiseration for the families of the children that died in the Ghouta Attack, for the townspeople who suffered this attack on humanity? Why did he take no action?

The footage in the above film provides a camp-by-camp record, an objective and lasting record and proof of the horrors the U.S. Army liberators witnessed at the end of WWII. Similarly the photos and videos courageous global press staffers took and smuggled out of Syria of the gassing of so many children do the same.

Where is the outrage? Where are the trials for Assad's crimes against humanity? Why has America abandoned its duty to the world to stand up for right, and draw a clear, irrefutable line as to what it will tolerate and what it won’t. Gassing civilians must be one of those items that clearly stands on the other side of the line from where we stand, and every time it occurs, no matter where it occurs, America must spur the world to act to immediately bring those that ordered and performed it to justice. And if the world doesn't act to do so, then we must. Period.

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