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Devotional Thoughts

  Devotional Thoughts
   The Spiritual Side of Our Website

This part of the site features monthly devotional thoughts by the Association's Chaplain, with the goal of encouraging Signal Corps OCS Graduates to be exceptional in their lives and to live life at a higher level. Our current Chaplain is of the Christian faith, so naturally, his devotionals are fashioned around his Christian beliefs. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and can be offered directly to the Chaplain by eMail at:

by LTC (R) Max Holt, Class 02-67

March 2012


LTC (R) Max Holt - TodayLTC (R) Max Holt

“The devil made me do it,” was a phrase made famous by the great comedian Flip Wilson. The phrase was funny when he said it but it takes on all too much reality in our world today. We make many excuses to blame our failures or actions on someone else. In the book, “How Could You Do That?!”, Laura Schlessinger deals with the issue of victimization; the tendency to cast blame outside yourself for your weaknesses. She said, “Call me a heretic, but I believe that even with bad stuff in your past, you have choices. Everyone must overcome something. That simply is life.  Acknowledging that you are responsible for messing up your own life gives you the power to change things.” 

In his INJOY Life Club leadership lesson, “Winning Is An Inside Job,” John Maxwell quoted some research done with prisoners at a major prison. The researcher tried to determine exactly what led to these inmates committing their crimes. EVERY prisoner claimed to be innocent, to have been framed. The researcher determined that he could not find a larger group of innocent people anywhere! These prisoners could not bring themselves to admit their failures. Admitting fault is the first step toward turning your life around.

Would you like to change something about your life? Taking responsibility for your part in being where you are now can help you confess faults to the ultimate change agent, God himself. A relationship with Him begins with confession. 1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” Admitting your shortcomings can clear the way for you to move your life forward in a new direction. 


Common Sense Application

1. Title a blank piece of paper, “Personal Life.” Confess in writing those sins or weaknesses that seem to be hurting your life, relationships, finances, habits, etc. Take responsibility for those things and ask God to help make the changes necessary.

2. Title a second page, “Career.” List the bad choices, lack of skill, lack of effort, and sin associated with limiting your career.  Ask God to forgive the sin and make a commitment to improve the quality of your work. Make plans to acquire the experience and training necessary to move forward in your career.

3. Title a third page, “Spiritual Relationship.” List those things, sins and weaknesses that seem to distance you from God.  Confess that only He can restore you to full fellowship with Him and ask Him to do that. Deal honestly with the spiritual issues between you and God and between you and others. 

4. Keep track of the progress in all three areas and celebrate victories with a trusted friend.


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