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  • To all Association members

    Gentlemen, I regret to report that for a variety of reasons (age, health, family needs, etc) there will be no Signal Corps OCS Assn Reunion this year (2023). This is as disappointing to the board of directors as it will be to many of those that were looking forward to meeting again for all the best reasons! Sorry guys, but age is catching up with all of us!

    **However if an individual, or a team, steps forward to set things up, for a national gathering, the association officers will supply as much “from at home” assistance, as humanly possible! And possibly at least one director will be able to attend to help with details!

    **Another idea that has been “floated” is having an individual in every state, set up a very simple gathering.. It could be as basic as gathering at a specified hotel for a “dinner” on one given night.. Example: A banquet room at the hotel from 5PM to 11PM, which would give attendees the chance to exchange greetings (and war stories), have a short presentation to the group, drinks and dinner… The sponsor could provide a list of the sites of interest nearby, which the attendees could visit on their own at their own pace! (The association would provided mailings and information to all possible! Who knows? Maybe folks in NY would want to check out a site in Idaho?) The sponsor might be able to work out a pay as you go dinner, allowing attendees to pay their share of costs, at the hotel, when they register. Now is a good time for others to step up and be counted!

    **Check out two or three hotels.. Ask for the Trivago rates! Ask for the hotel to set up a Signal OCS Registration log, which would allow people to pay the hotel for meals (choice of two) and for room. Make sure the hotel will provide the meeting/banquet room at no extra cost…We can hope the at least one attendee can do photos and videos during the gathering! Each attendee can get up and give a 2 minute presentation, relating class number, assignment after OCS, or any other comment they care to make! (If the “sponsor” wants to have a “presentation”, the Assn will try to put something together to help out with that!)

    So the question is… “Who is going to stand up to be counted?” You will be appreciated!!!!!

    **Please be aware that this does not affect the Association going forward with all other requirements and plans to document and archive our history, nor will it affect keeping track of our fellow graduates and providing information to any and all that have questions! Lets all pray for a better 2024…

    Richard Green
    Interim Chairman

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