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Korean War Era

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01-52 06-52 11-52 16-52 21-52
02-52 07-52 12-52 17-52 22-53
03-52 08-52 13-52 18-52 23-53
04-52 09-52 14-52 19-52 24-53
05-52 10-52 15-52 20-52 All other classes

The class rosters are being transitioned from the "Archived" section of this site to the actively maintained section because periodic updates need to be made to these pages. While not as entertaining as the original class roster pages, these pages contain all of the pertinent information about each of the located candidates in each class.

If the class member that you are looking for is not listed, please click the "HERE" link below to go to the archived site. Check back often for updates.

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