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Devotional Thoughts

  Devotional Thoughts
   The Spiritual Side of Our Website

This part of the site features monthly devotional thoughts by the Association's Chaplain, with the goal of encouraging Signal Corps OCS Graduates to be exceptional in their lives and to live life at a higher level. Our current Chaplain is of the Christian faith, so naturally, his devotionals are fashioned around his Christian beliefs. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and can be offered directly to the Chaplain by eMail at:

by LTC (R) Max Holt, Class 02-67

May 2012


When you get to the end of your rope, get a grip and hang on!

LTC (R) Max Holt - TodayLTC (R) Max Holt

It is the same for all of them - birds, hawks, owls, eagles, chickens and even turkeys.  It’s a genetic thing. You see, these winged creatures all have tendons that run from their bodies, down their legs, through their knees, to their feet and finally out into each toe or claw. This unique design allows them to do something that other animals just can’t accomplish; it allows them to roost, that is, to sleep while perched on a small surface such as a limb or a narrow board in a chicken coop. How do they do it?  When these birds squat or settle down to sleep, they bend their knees. This motion stretches the tendons running through their knees, thus retracting their claws and feet, resulting in a firm grip on the limb or board. With this automatic grip they can sleep peacefully without fear of falling. 

The process of bending knees to get a grip provides a great lesson for us. I have observed several areas in which people need to get a grip, meaning to understand or face the reality. First, get a grip on who you are spiritually. The New Testament books of John and Romans provide details about how to have an eternal relationship with God. There are plenty of people who talk a good line about spiritual things but have no personal commitment to Biblical principles. If you have a relationship with God, what is it in your life that expresses it? Matthew 7:20 says “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” What spiritual fruits do others see in your life? 

Second, get a grip on your attitude. How you see life will determine how you live life. There aren’t too many things worse than a person with a bad attitude. Philippians 2:5 says “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.” Is yours? 

Third, get a grip on your priorities. All of us decide where, when and how we are going to spend our time, money and our efforts. Unfortunately, many people let others or circumstances control their priorities. Too many people just drift with life, never deciding what is most important to them and never really accomplishing much toward their growth as a person or in their career. Some of you still have not made an assessment of where you’re going. If you have no target, or goal, you don’t know what to shoot at!

  Common Sense Application

1.  Read the books of John and Romans to better understand the process God established by which we may have an eternal relationship with Him. I like Romans 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-10 & 13, and I John 5:11-13. If you want a fresh relationship with God, do the following: Pray to Him, confess your sin and ask for forgiveness. Give Him control of your life.

 2.  Ask a close friend or family member to give you an honest monthly attitude check. Listen to yourself as you interact with others. Ask God to help you change your attitude to a more positive one.

3.  Nothing helps establish priorities better than writing down your daily requirements, deciding what is most important and assigning priority numbers to them. Once established, stick to your priorities.

4.  Finally, try bending your knees every day in prayer to get a grip on God’s best for your life.



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