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Candidate Randall W. Ackley, Class 24-53

-  Update & Remberances, Compiled August 2011  -

The following notes, thoughts and remberances were submitted by Candidate Ackley, a graduate of Army Signal OCS Class 24-1953.

As more comments are received, we will add them to the recollections below. Please check back frequently and enjoy Candidate Ackley's thoughts.

Candidate Randall W. Ackley, Army Signal OCS Class 24-1953

eMail received 09 August 2011

I came across the SigC OCS page and saw I was among the Unknowns. 

I  would add: Upon graduation I became Exec of a student company at Ft Monmouth. Then went to the Army Aviation school at San Marcos and was one of the 3/4 who were automatically flunked out. Went to Korea, 4th SigBn, X Corps and when that closed down, 51st SigBn, I Corps. Also TDY to 24th ID, Commonwealth Div, KMAG... Discharged in 1954, went back to school. Finished PhD, taught around the country, ended up on Fulbright in Jordan, visiting professor at Cambridge and University of Glasgow. Retired, went back to school, completed Master of Divinity, ordained as Catholic deacon and then priest. Pastor in Sacramento.  Back surgery and inactive.  Living here in Alameda, California, with my daughter.  

Rev. Dr. Randall Ackley (one time 2nd Lieut, SigC)

Candidate Randall W. Ackley, Army Signal OCS Class 24-1953

eMail received 09 August 2011

Out of the blue, a classmate from OCS, Henry Bader, contacted me awhile back. I responded but then no more. He had some fanciful  memories of me that were false. Funny.  

I had my first tour in the Marines, prior to Korea, then went into the AF but found I could be discharged for Army OCS and I applied and was. Went to Ft Jackson for Leadership School. Told the Lieutenant Colonel in charge that regulations said [that] former Marine NCOs did not go to Leadership School prior to OCS. He denied I had been a Corporal in the Marine Corps. I was bit rough with him so he sent me to Infantry Training. They made me Asst Field 1st Sgt and then Asst Supply Sgt until I graduated. Finally my home senator got involved, Hubert Humphrey, and the Army asked CG 3rd Army why I wasn't in OCS, So off I went finally, after a year. Graduated in the last class.  Got passed over for Captain twice, and discharged. Then went on to get my BA and PhD. My life has been complex and I am 80 today. I saw on your site that most of my comrades are gone. I was the 2nd youngest member of the class by a couple months. Was 21 when commissioned.  

Rev. Dr. Randall Ackley (former 2nd Lieut, SigC)

51st Signal Battalion




This page originally posted 13 August, 2011, updated 13 August, 2011 

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