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OCS Scholarship Program & Charity Efforts

Make An Effort In 2018 To Support Those In Need

Army Signal Corps OCS Scholarship Program

The Army Signal Corps OCS Association is a non-profit association. We conduct charitable efforts to help fellow OCS grads and cadre in need, including their families, children, grandchildren and other relatives. Our primary effort centers around helping deserving children of those who are members of our Association continue with their college education. We do this through a scholarship program that we administer.

Funds for this and other charity efforts come from dues and membership fees, the profits from our PX, as well as donations from you, the public. If you are a former OCS grad, please consider donating to what is in reality your cause. You will be helping the very same people you served with. We accept donations in any amount. Those needy who receive your help will be eternally grateful to you for your kindness.

Notes From The Scholarship Committee Chairman

The deadline for scholarship applications for 2018 will be July 31. Because it takes time for us to process associated paperwork, we encourage you to submit your application early. We will review the application packets received and notify those selected for a scholarship as soon as possible. Awardees will be required to contact us with information concerning their school’s point of contact to receive the scholarship check. Once we have confirmed that information, the check will be mailed for deposit in the student’s school account. Once again, we are able to provide this bit of financial assistance because of the generosity of so many of our members. All donations of any amount are very welcome. 

If you wish to donate to the scholarship fund, send your donations to Richard Green, Secretary, at 190 SW Wren Court, Lake City, FL 32025. You may add a donation to your membership dues check or make it a separate check. Either way, please annotate on the check the amount you are donating to the Scholarship Fund, as it is tax deductible. If you wish to make a donation in the memory of or in honor of a friend or loved one, please indicate such on your check and/or note to Richard. Remember, we accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express… and checks… and of course, even cash! God Bless you all and God Bless America.

Preas Street, Chairman, Scholarship Committee

             A Short History Of Our Scholarship Program


We are proud to say that over the last 10 years there have been 28 grants made to children and grandchildren of Signal OCS grads and cadre, and we continue to issue more each year. Each grant is $1,000.

Our funds come primarily from donations. A number of members have donated in memory of a loved one. Others donate what they have, or what they can. Most donations range from $5 to $100. Every dollar helps.

If you would like to help us make this year a banner year in scholarship offerings, please make a donation. You can follow the instructions below and click on the DONATE button. Then, using your credit card you can make an online donation. Alternately you can mail a check to us at the address below, or click on the stack of books at the bottom of this page to download a form that you can fill out. Filling in the form is simple and easy.

Thank you for your consideration. Your fellow OCS grads, the soldiers you served with... and their family, children and grandchildren... thank you too.

             Scholarship Qualification & How To Make A Donation  

Army Signal OCS Scholarship ProgramCriteria for selection for a scholarship includes the following:

Consideration is granted to any qualifying student without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, or disability. Eligible students must:

• Be a U. S. citizen and be related to and sponsored by an active member of the Association as follows: child (including legally adopted children), grandchild, great grandchild, brother, sister, nephew, or niece

• Be a graduating high school senior

• Have at least a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) (Transcripts based on a 5.0 scale will be converted to a 4.0 ratio)

• Have at least upper 50 percentile scores on college entrance exams

• Have been accepted to an accredited US university, college, or technical college as a full-time student

• Be involved in extracurricular and community activities

• Have demonstrated excellent character traits of integrity, honesty and trust

For additional information on the program or inquiries regarding applying for a scholarship feel free to send a note to the donation address shown below. Include your return address, phone number and contact details and we will gladly send you a Scholarship Program Information Sheet and Application Form.


To make a donation, please click on the button below. Credit cards are accepted.



If you would rather send a check, please send your contribution to:



For information about corporate sponsorship of scholarships, or to obtain a printable donation form, click here: Army Signal OCS Scholarship Program

Thank you

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