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Wars & Music In order to tell the stories of war, and the people who fought them, it is necessary to recreate a sense of the time that existed during those wars. Music does that. Whether its the Anti Vietnam War protest music of the 60s, or the Big Band sounds of WWII, listening to the music that our soldiers heard when they went to war makes their stories come alive.

On this website we often add a piece of music or two—or even at times an entire page of music—to the stories we tell. It helps us bring our story to life, by bringing you the reader into the world of our fighting soldier.

Not surprisingly, the music we present is diverse. Some of it touches on the poignant, heart breaking reality of war, lost families, broken marriages, and the girl left behind. Other pieces we present try to bring to life the fear and trepidation we all felt of the unknown dangers that lie ahead. Still other pieces in our musical collection try to recreate the mood of the times, the world at large, or even the country of our enemy.

Because of this you'll find in our musical archive playlists of the music of James Brown... a soul singer who was born and brought up just outside the gates of Fort Gordon... and whose musical talent imbued southern Georgia and the Augusta area with the kind of music that—for many of the soldiers that passed through Fort Gordon's training program—helped them pass from the wet-behind-the-ears adolescent condition they joined the Army with, to maturity.

Similarly, we've included music that tells of our enemies. As an example, in our archive you'll find a playlist of Persian music. It was added to help bring to life a story we did about the Iranians and their quest for a nuclear bomb. So too will you find a playlist of traditional Vietnamese Dan Bau music, a form of folk music near and dear to the hearts of the Vietnamese people. It's purpose was to try to rekindle the thoughts and feelings of those vets who, after sitting up all night on guard duty, watched with amazement the rising sun spreading its frail light across the valleys of Viet Nam... land so full of quiet and peace that it was hard to believe that at any moment the peaceful rice fields that lay below could erupt with such violence and hatred for man.

Look through our archive, and the next time you need a break from today's world, listen to the songs in one of these musical syllabi.

This page still under construction

Archive is listed in alphabetical order:

  The Lord's Jukebox — Each month our Association's Chaplain, Lt. Col (R) Max Holt, posts a Devotional Page that offers thoughts about the blessings the Lord has showered us with, as well as a few suggestions regarding how to deal with those travails we sometimes find ourselves bearing. On each of his Devotional Pages Col. Holt has most graciously allowed us to post a song that tries to underwrite his devotional thoughts. By clicking on the icon at the beginning of this paragraph you can jump to a page that holds a compilation of all of those songs. Listen to them, we think you will feel Jesus' blessings when you do.

  Persian Music — A playlist of traditional Iranian music of the kind that sets Iranian music apart from most other forms of music. Some of the characteristics include melodies that are usually concentrated on a relatively narrow register; melodic movements that occur by conjunct steps; emphasis is on cadence, symmetry, and motivic repetition at different pitches; rhythmic patterns are kept simple and a tempo that is often rapid with dense ornamentation. Our list was compiled to help readers of an article we wrote on the impact military technology has on society better understand the diverse nature of society. Click the green icon at the beginning of this paragraph to listen to this music archive.

  Soul Music — Back in April, 2013, we posted an article about James Brown's music and its impact on those who served at Fort Gordon. In that article we provided an audio player with a list of 51 different pieces of soul music from the Vietnam War period. You can read our article about James Brown and his music of that time by clicking the link above, or click the green icon at the beginning of this paragraph to jump to still another page that talks of the music of the Vietnam War, and provides you with the complete list of 51 songs for you to enjoy.

  V-Discs — On our August 2016 Home Page we presented an article about V-Discs. V-Discs were 78 RPM records created by the Army Special Services division of the Signal Corps, as a morale-boosting effort for those fighting in Europe and the South Pacific during WWII. In that article we told you the story of how V-Discs came into existence, and included an audio player that let you listen to a sample of 12 of the V-Disc records. Originally encompassing some 904 records, we couldn't present them all. However, if you liked the music we presented to you in August 2016 then you may want to click on the icon at the beginning of this paragraph. It will take you to an audio player that includes those 12, plus another 48 more for your enjoyment.


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