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                 Veterans' Salutes

This section provides a place to read stories submitted by fellow Signal OCS grads, rekindle old memories and even offer a salute to former classmates. Feel free to submit your story, article or salute for publication here.

Any topic is acceptable from stories of your time in the service to memories of off-base activities. Humor, pathos, fear, loneliness... girls remembered, off base bars visited, firefights survived... any subject and any emotion... just send us your stories of your time in service.

If you have them, attach accompanying photos, audio and even video. We may be able to use it to embellish your story. If you're not a great writer don't let that stop you... let us know and our editors will clean up your story before it is published.

Send your submissions to



Purple HeartGeneral Articles and Salutes - -

Fighting a Two MRC War

This article attempts to answer the question as to what kind of force a country needs to be considered a Superpower.

With the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the USSR, America came to think that it was the only Superpower left. Putin's invasion of Crimea and his naked land grab of that peninsula... with nary a complaint from America... makes us wonder if the U.S. is still a Superpower, and what the world thinks about it, if anything. Read this challenging article penned by our Editor and form your own opinion.

Purple HeartWWII Stories, Articles and Salutes - -

Gibson Girl

Your own private Gibson Girl.

Back in WWII the Germans figured out that it was cheaper to save navy men lost at sea than retrain replacements. When they started losing pilots at sea, this made even more sense. This story tells of how the U.S. Army Signal Corps came across one of Germany's NS2 survival radios floating in the North Atlantic and turned it into America's own SCR-578... one of the most famous survival radios ever produced, and known world wide as the famous "Gibson Girl." This is a good read... you'll enjoy it. 

50th Signal Batallion

From our Classmate History section, a story submitted by Candidate John Martin Collins, OCS Class 12-42.

One of the more humorous stories we have received, this one submitted by Candidate Collins, 90 years old at this writing, covers his time in the 50th Signal Battalion. Still full of piss and vinegar today, John retired in 1972 as a Bird Colonel after 30 years, with another 24 years in National Defense to round off his rough edges. In the attached story he writes of his military experiences. You'll laugh your way through his story, while at the same time sit mesmerized at the audacity of his life and how it intersected with some of the greatest turning points in history. 

583rd Goes To War

Reproduced from our May 2014 Home Page, the story of the 583rd Signal Depot Company in WWII.

A little known element of the Signal Corps, the Signal Depot Companies kept the wheels of war greased during WWII. This story follows the 583rd as it wended its way from training at Camp Crowder through to the end of the war in the ETO. Follow their story as they discovered the temptations of Paris' Place Pigalle, as well as how tough it was to keep up with Patton.

"Amplifier" - July '45

An excellent copy of the 106 Signal Company's publication Amplifier, publication date July 26, 1945.

Submitted by Candidate Arthur Thompson, OCS Class 14-43, this Broadside tells what was up and about in the 106th Infantry Division in July, 1945. At the time of publication the 106th was stationed in Karlsruhe, Germany. Reading this document is sure to give you a flavor of what life was like in Europe around the end of the war. It will also help you realize that the task of the Signal Corps extends beyond battlefield communications to also encompass providing all of the troops in reach with general information, entertainment, and a broader sense of purpose, commitment, and inclusion in unit life. 

Patton's Speech

A reminder about what it's about to be an American. Submitted by Major Richard Green.

If you're wondering what's happening to America these days, read this and reacquaint yourself with the true American character, not that socialist, back sliding European liberalism you see coming from some of our western states... or from the fraudulent, corrupted politicians who think that being in Congress gives them a license to steal your money, while for yuks they hit on their staff in their spare time. Read this, and you'll find yourself walking a little taller, thinking a little clearer, and wishing for the old days when American's knew who they were... not what the illegals tell us we should be.

  Iron Lung McClung

An excellent story submitted by Captain Gerritt Ewing of his time in Army Signal.

Includes interesting comments about Joe Lockhart, the famous signal officer that spotted inbound Japanese bombers on his radar screen on the morning of December 7th.

Iron Lung redux

A follow up story submitted by Colonel Phillip E. Lowry (R), about his encounter with the famous Iron Lung McClung.

Reading the  Iron Lung stories reminds us of what OCS and Signal Corps duty was all about... camaraderie, the closest friendships ever, and leaders that we held more respect for than anyone we've worked for since.

Military Memories - Pt 1

A great collection of WWII movies produced by the Army Signal Corps.

Collected and submitted by Robert Oelrich, Class 10-42, this video provides a good solid hour of entertainment. In this day of political correctness where you are not allowed to say anything without worry of hurting someone's feelings, it's almost painful to hear the straight talk used in these movies. Grab a beer and sit back and see how the world's greatest generation saw the world back then.

Military Memories - Pt 2

Continuation of WWII movies taken by Signal OCS Candidate Oelrich (Class 10-42)

Video showing Hawaii, starting in 1941, including local scenes, cable work on the link that tied the radar installation at the top of the island to Honolulu, and much, much more. A great historic treasure trove, this move is 3 hours long, but very much worth the effort to watch. If you want to know why they called these guys the greatest generation, this is a good place to start.

A Reluctant Candidate

An absolutely great story about what it was like to go through OCS. You must read this!

Sometimes it's hard to remember how tough life was back when we were all Second Lieutenants. This story brings back memories of how alone we felt, how little money we had, and yet how good life was back then too.

Signal Corps Service Story

A down to earth explanation of the role of the Signal Corps, as explained to the troops during WWII.

Originally published as part of a series called G.I. Stories, by Stars & Stripes, in Paris, in 1944-1945, this booklet was one of several that helped personnel understand the purpose and function of the various ground, air, and service forces in the European Theater of Operations (ETO). We have reproduced here in condensed and edited form. It's a great way to explain to people what the Signal Corps did and does. 

Signalmen Are Tough

A short story of one family's unusual contribution of 4 signalmen to the U.S. Army

Written by this website's Editor as a footnote to an article on Signal Motormen (see above...), the story tells of two uncles and a Dad who served in the Signal Corps... all wanting to be officers but failing until 20+ years later the Editor graduated as part of Class 09-67. 

Willys MA Jeep

The Willys jeep story... a very, very short version

A short slide show about the Willys MA Jeep. Without this baby, 16 million men and women would have walked their way through WW II. Out of them, at least 7 million Army troops would have had to depend on the soles of their feet.

Korean War campaign ribbonKorean War Stories, Articles and Salutes - -

Korean War Prespective

The Korean War: A Fresh Perspective

Written by the famed Colonel Harry G. Summers, this article shows how bad strategic decision making on the part of Truman and several leaders in the military caused the excellent on the ground fighting done by US troops to be squandered in what ended up being a stalemate and bifurcated country in Korea. It's a must read if you want to see how critical it is to have not only a global perspective on those countries that wish America harm, clear headed thinking on what the goals of a war are before they are started, and a firm determination not to change strategic goals half way through the war.


 Life During Korean War

A great hour long video about Korea during the war. Grab a coffee and enjoy this one!

Filmed by LTC Kermit Parker, Class 12-42, and submitted by Glenn Dean, Class 18-52, this movie shows what life was like during the Korean War. There's no war footage in this, but it's fascinating nonetheless. This is a must watch if you want to see how the Koreans lived while the war roiled around them. 


Mukden Cable

Signal Corps Successes — The Mukden Cable

From our January 2014 Home Page comes the story of how the Signal Corps took over the Japanese Mukden Cable and used it to keep U.S. troops in communication with each other as they drove the North Koreans back to the Chinese border. Follow Capt. Wayne A. Striley, one of our own U.S. Army Signal Corps OCS graduates from Class 43-19, as he fought to keep the cable operating as the pace of war increased.

Pusan Perimeter

Signal Corps Successes The Battle Of The Naktong & Pusan Perimeters

From our November 2014 Home Page, this story tells of the 532nd Signal Construction Company, a unique unit that served Eighth Army Headquarters. It's association with Eighth Army HQ and General Walker caused it to play a key role in the very earliest battles of the Korean War. In doing so it also helped create and perfect a new form of battle tactics, the Mobile Defense. Read this excellent history of one of the most unique Signal Corps units to serve in the Korean War.



Vietnam War campaign ribbonVietnam War Stories, Articles and Salutes - -

The Cambodia Campaign

Posted 18 February 2013 — The reality of combat Signal operations

A short story about the U.S.' first incursion into Cambodia to dig out the COSVN. Taking place over a 60-day period from 1 May to 29 June, 1970, the campaign was supported by a parallel 75 day South Vietnamese campaign of its own. This story focuses on the difficulties the Signal Corps had in supporting the operation.  

Combat Officer Green Tabs

Posted 18 January 2012 Green Tabs... A Point Of Pride For Any 2nd Lieutenant

A short story about Combat Officer Green Tabs... and how they were earned in Vietnam.

Top 50 Soul Songs of The 60s 

 Streaming music for the top 50 soul songs you were likely to hear in the barracks during the 60s.

Ft. Gordon, Georgia, was the center of more than just Army life for many of us. It was also the place where scores of us had our first taste of both Southern and Black culture. Sometimes they proved to be the same, some times they were vastly different. This webpage attempts to bring back memories of your time in the south by giving you a Top 50 list of Soul music to listen to. When you consider that the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, grew up in Augusta, you can begin to get a feeling for how pervasive soul music was in that part of Georgia. It was only normal that it would permeate the barracks of Ft. Gordon. Enjoy the music on this page, as well as the short story that accompanies it.

An Officer & A Gentleman

Posted 1 March 2012 — The Army Signal Corps OCS Experience

If you want to know what it was like to go through OCS training, then you must see this video slide show set to music. The story of Army Signal OCS Class 16-66, this video uniquely captures the entire experience from the first day to graduation. Produced by Myron Leski of Class 16-66, this video is bound to bring back memories. Plus, there is a link to download a copy of your own if you wish.


Signal OCS SpeechesSpeeches & Other Candidate Salutes - -

The Ghosts of OCS

Posted 1 April 2012 — A speech by MAJ (R) Richard Green

Given by MAJ Green as a speech to the attendees of the Signal OCS Reunion of 2002, this is one of the best speeches on the subject of OCS that we have on archive. When I first read it it brought chills to me, quite literally with the hair on the back of my neck standing up. We won't ruin the enjoyment of your reading it by telling you more. All we are going to tell you to do is READ IT. Thanks to MAJ Green for allowing us to post it here.

Black Metal Arch

Posted 1 June 2012 — A speech by COL Holwick

Given at the OCS Memorial Ceremony at the Signal Center Flag Pole, Ft. Gordon, Georgia, on 6 October 2007. If you ever wondered what to think of your own time as an Officer in the Signal Corps, read this. It will put a perspective to the time you spent on behalf of your country.

 Memorial Day Salute

The U.S. Army Signal Corps OCS Association's salute to America's Vets.

Prepared by our own Association, this video was first posted for Memorial Day 2014. Many have asked us to make it available here for all to see. 


Signal Corps flagsMiscellaneous Stories, Articles and Salutes - -

Technology & War #1  of 3

Technology & War #2  of 3

Technology & War #3  of 3

Posted 1 July 2012 — An analysis of the impact of technology on war and warfare

Reproduced from our May, June and July 2012 Home Pages, these articles take a close look at how war impacts the development of technology, how emerging technologies impact warfare, and how the combination is impacted by Human Agency to allow a country to win its wars. The articles are written to be stimulating and challenge your views on war, while at the same time not echoing the classic war hawk standpoint.


Hang On Swabbies!

Posted 1 March 2012 — Hang on Swabbies! The Army is Coming To Your Rescue!

Reproduced from our March 2012 Home Page, this article takes the government to task for saying they will cut back the size of the Army in order to help the Navy prepare for a new era of sea wars in the South China Sea area. Read it and enjoy, and at the same time learn something about the real situation in the Pacific.


The Veterans' SaluteRead about changes in how you salute Old Glory.

Retired Major General Vern Lewis on the topic of veteran hand salutes

An excellent article on how most veterans prefer the hand salute when the colors pass, to holding their hands over their hearts. Well worth the read. Also read October 30, 2008, news release regarding recent law concerning how veterans should salute Old Glory.



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