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IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: We Are Collecting Army Signal OCS Pictures, Stories and Historical Information For Publication On This Website. When the website is complete, it will be turned over to the National Archives for posterity. Our effort is a volunteer effort, but our intent is clear: just as in previous wars from the American Revolution forward, people want to hear the stories of those who served. Today this is increasingly so in the case of the Korean War and Vietnam Wars... troubled wars in troubled times, both with very little available today in the form of archive material about the soldiers themselves. This website is designed to help you tell your story about how you served. With your words, your pictures and your recordings it will give a face to those who passed through Army Signal OCS and went on to serve their country. Some day, hundreds of years from now, just as people do today in reading the personal writings left behind by the soldiers of the Civil War, they will look at the information on this site and understand better why you chose to serve your country.

Start digging through your old footlocker. There's something in there that you should be sharing with the world, and it ain't your old Army socks. And don't forget that stuff stuck up there in the back of your mind: your memories. Write them down and send them to us.

NOW FOR THE LEGAL STUFF: This website, its Webmaster, Managing Editor and each of the Board members of the U.S. Army Signal Corps OCS Association, either collectively or individually, acting as a group or in their own regard, may reject any submission made for publication on this website, without cause or reason. Further, past postings may be removed at any time by any of the aforesaid individuals, again acting either collectively or individually, and again without cause or reason. Additionally, content provided may be edited at any time by the Webmaster or Managing Editor of this website, either prior to posting or subsequent thereto.

The sole right of individuals who provide content for posting on this website, if they are dissatisfied, is to request that, if posted, the content they have provided be removed from the website, which request will be acted upon at the Webmaster's earliest convenience.

We need your pictures

If you have audio or video recordings you made, or pictures of your military life, fellow officers, non-coms that you want to memorialize, places you served, officers' clubs from "back then", pictures of BQs you lived in, stories of your postings or classmates, bars you hung out at, famous off base places, signal sites, firefights, or sleepless nights... then send them to us.

We will review your submission and post it on this website.

We need your personal life story

Take a few moments to sit down and tell us your life story, especially the part about your time in the Army. Start small. Write a paragraph or two about a humorous incident or favorite memory, and send it to us. There's no need to try to write your life story all in one sitting. Just start with small memories. Send us what you can, and we'll gladly post it as it is. Add a picture, either from back then, or as you look now. Save a copy of what you send us, and then later, in a few weeks or months, when more memories come to mind, add them to what you already wrote. Add them a paragraph at a time. Each time you add something, send the updated version to us, and we'll update what we posted earlier. As time goes on, keep at it until one of these days, a few years from now, you realize that you've told your story.

If you're not sure about your writing skills, spelling, punctuation or grammar don't worry. We have editors that can clean up anything you send, so don't let your lack of writing skills get in the way. What we want is your story, not your knowledge of the English language.

 We need blog writers

We are looking for folks interested in writing blogs to be posted on this site. If you're interested in posting your opinions and views on life for all to read, please drop us a note. We would prefer a post from you every 4, 6 or 8 weeks, but can work with you if you would prefer a different schedule. Any topic is o.k. with us, provided obviously that what you write about is of interest to our readership. What is our readership? Ex military officers, obviously... with a heavy bent towards Army Signal Corps officers, OCS graduates, and the wives, lovers, and family members that surround them. To write a blog you need not be ex-military yourself, nor a male. We welcome writers from any  background or persuasion... the only requirement is that what you write about finds interest with those who visit our site.

Not familiar with blogs, click here, or check out what Wikipedia has to say on the topic here

- - - - - 

Before you send anything though, please read the Rules & Regulations below.

Get busy now. Grab another beer, dig into your old photo albums, digitize a few of the good pics, write a short story to explain what the pictures are, dig out those old audio tapes from your time in 'Nam, and start sending them to us. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We are here to serve you.Click to View Combat Comics
Thanks for your help.

Send what you have to us at:

Upload Guidelines

Unfortunately, we can only use digital material. Sending us your old 8mm movies or VHS video won't help us much. Sorry.

If you send us something in one of the following formats, we can probably find a way to use it on this site. If you have a question about whether we can use what you have, drop us a note. We'll see what we can do.


MP3, WMA, WAV, Real Audio, Ogg, Vorbis, WAVE


MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-4 (aka MP4), DivX, AVI, Quicktime, Flash (SWF, SWF-7, SWF-8... etc.),


Word, PDF (unlocked, i.e. with no security protection), XML, RTF



File Size:

Just about any size file will get through the internet these days. We do not have a size limit on files sent to us, however, if you have problems sending a file to us, please contact us and we will give you access to a special website that you can upload your file to. We will download it from there.


Make your digital files as high a quality as possible. If we need to scale it back, we will. Pictures should be as high a quality as possible... 800 pixels per inch is not too high for us. Audio should be as high as possible. We really, really prefer 320 kbps.

 Rules & Regulations

1. Don't send us anything that is copyrighted, unless you own the copyright and are giving us the right to use the material.

2. Don't send us anything you stole, borrowed, or received from a third party. Likely as not, someone else thinks they own what you are sending to us, and you will be violating their rights to privacy or IP ownership by sharing it with us.

3. Don't send us anything that violates ICC rules, state, federal or other laws with respect to transmitting digital material across county, state, federal, or national boundaries.

4. Don't send us anything that is profane, pornographic, shows underage people in compromising positions, or anything else that would offend your mother if she saw it.

5. If you violate the law, expect us to report you to the relevant authorities. In fact, we will report you to every authority we can find.

6. If you found something you like on the web, send us the link. Don't just steal it and send it to us. We will contact the owner and get their permission before we use it on our site. Of course, on the site, we will fully credit you for having brought it to our attention.

7. If you think someone else may own or have rights to what you send us, tell us. At a minimum, list their name(s) so we can give them credit and cite them for their work.

8. By sending something to us, you are giving us a permanent, royalty free, non-revocable right to use and publish what you send. We will not pay you for what you send, so if you are looking for money, send what you have to the Air Force. They've got plenty of money these days.

9. If you send us something, you absolutely must identify yourself sufficiently so that we can find you again if someone with a badge knocks on our door and wants to know where we got what we put on the web. You would be amazed how much digital stuff is stolen, plagiarized, or otherwise finds a way to be reused without the owner's approval. It's because of this that we have to know who is sending us what. If you got what you are sending us from legitimate sources, you will be fine. Even so, we need to have your name, eMail address, physical address, OCS Class, and a phone number answered by someone who knows you. But don't worry, any personal information you send us we will not use or post on this website unless you give us authorization, in advance, in writing. We will protect your privacy and not disclose or resell your personal information.

10. If you have requirements that you want to impose on the use of the material you send us, by all means tell us. We will honor them.

11. Finally, if you want to know more about the rules and regulations of this web site, please read our full Privacy Policy by clicking here.

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