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Sorry - Our Forums have been discontinued!

Unfortunately, identity theft and data mining is so prevalent on the Internet today, that even we get hit with hacking attempts. Now imagine that.

Just think of it... a nice, friendly association of old Army buddies like us... just plain old guys... of no harm to anyone... just a bunch of old Signal Officers... every one of which held a Top Secret Clearance at one time or another in their lives... just trying to keep old memories alive... not bothering anyone in the process... staying under the radar, so to speak.

Free Bradley ManningNow, who would want to hack a site like ours? Why would anyone think that our little website was worth hacking? Why would anyone think... say... that by hacking our website they might find a back door between our website and, well, who knows... the Pentagon?

You would be amazed.

On average, we get 5 to 7 hacking attempts each week. Up until we closed them down a few months ago, most of the hacking attempts came through our Forums... attempts by people around the world to find a way to access our online SQL databases (ahhh... for those of you intent on gaining access to our online databases, here's an update for you: we don't have any... all of our data is kept offline, and what is online is hard coded... what you see is what you get).

Why we get so many consistent attempts to hack our site, we don't know. The only thing we can think of is that being "Army" related, some foreign countries must think that our site is tied into the real U.S. Army inter- and intranet.

Well... as those of you who are part of the Association know, we ain't.

But that doesn't seem to matter to the foreign hackers that are focused on our site.

So where are these hackers from? Interestingly, we know exactly where they come from... after all, we are ex-Army Signal Officers. We are able to track their IP addresses and MAC codes... and trace them back to the very desk they are sitting at. Sure, they may be trying to hack us via proxy servers and the like, but even so... at a minimum, we know what gateways they are using to gain access to us.

Try:  Indonesia - Malaysia - Ukraine - Uzbekistan - Taiwan - Pakistan - The P.R. China - and Croatia.

Chinese Army computer hacking class...

Indonesia makes sense... a large Moslem population, housing and hiding all sorts of anti-American sentiment. But Malaysia makes no sense at all. Our guess: the hackers are using proxy servers located in Malaysia to hide their real location. As for the rest... likely as not, they are all proxy server locations for efforts coming out of China. Why China? Because the footprint they are leaving behind on our site is the same every time.

At any rate... in the interim, if you are looking to entertain yourself in our Forums... they're closed until the world learns to behave. In the mean time, you are invited to enjoy our Chat Rooms...


Thank you for your understanding.



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