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Help Us Help You
If you know of the whereabouts of an OCS graduate, please contact Major Richard Green (Ret., Class 02-67). Richard has tirelessly donated his time over all these years to tracking past graduates and updating their contact information. Be aware that all the information he gathers is jealously guarded and kept safe from prying eyes. Our locator files are not kept online, and can not be accessed through the internet. None of the information we gather is sold, exchanged, loaned or used in any commercial or public manner.

You may contact Richard at

Found Who You Are Looking For? Now What Do You Do?

Now that you have used our site to find your old Army buddies, how do you contact them? Send Major Green an eMail identifying yourself, letting him know about your Army experience, how you met the person you want to get in touch with, and anything else he needs so that he can in fact verify that you are someone who really knows the person you are seeking. If you pass his scrutiny, he'll give you contact details for your friend, and/or forward your eMail address and details on to them.

Not sure that will work? Try sending us a "Where is..." eMail for the person you are seeking. We will post it on the
Notices page of this web site, and likely as not they will see it.

Once you have found an old friend, use our Chat rooms to keep in touch. Just post a time and date when you will be in the room, and your buddies can meet you there.

Only one rule: our locator service, Chat Room, website postings, and all the rest are only available to ex Army OCS graduates and their friends and family. If you are from, God forbid, the Navy, unless you are a friend or relative of an Army OCS graduate, please cast off and try your luck on a cruise ship or something 

Actually, we are joking. We'll help anyone out... even the Navy.

Finally, may we also suggest that if you use our services you please consider making a small $30 donation to our charity fund. Your donation is tax deductible and the money will be used to provide scholarships for the younger generation that are following along in that long line of OCS graduates you or your loved one was once a part of. Thank You.

  Need Help on Something? Anything? 

Not sure who to ask for help? Contact us through any one of the following links. The people who read these eMails will take the time to find someone who can help you.

Click here to send an eMail to the WebMaster of this site, or use the address
Click here to send an eMail to Major Green, or use the address


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