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Click here to hear hidden Army music: 32 bars of Army drum marching cadence.
From the 30s through the 40s the world saw some of the worst of war, and some of the best of music. Click the icon below the PRC-77 to listen to one of Glen Miller's greats. 
PRC 77-2

Army Signal Corps Officer Candidate School Class List
41-01 42-11 43-21 44-31 45-41 45-51
42-02 42-12 43-22 44-32 45-42 46-52
42-03 42-13 43-23 44-33 45-43 46-53
42-04 43-14 43-24 44-34 45-44 46-54
42-05 43-15 43-25 44-35 45-45 46-55
42-06 43-16 43-26 44-36 45-46 Inst.
42-07 43-17 43-27 44-37 45-47 NOCS
42-08 43-18 43-28 44-38 45-48 OOCS
42-09 43-19 43-29 44-39 45-49 UNK
42-10 43-20 44-30 44-40 45-50 W-***
Z43 Z44 Z45 ZZAUS   

List of Army Unit abbreviationsNOTE ON TERMINOLOGY USED: The above pages contain abbreviations for Army Units candidates served in. Click the PDF icon at right to view definitions for the abbreviations used. Each class page also has pictures, candidate stories, military jokes, or WWII music attached. Enjoy!

NOTE FOR RESEARCHERS: If you are conducting legitimate research on a World War II Era veteran, are a former classmate of one of the OCS graduates listed in the above pages, or otherwise need more information on one of our graduates (such as the unit they were assigned to, home of record, etc.) please contact us. To preserve the privacy of those we have listed, we publish on this website only information already available in public records. No personal or other military record information is posted here. Please be aware however, we provide what additional information we have available on graduates only to those who are members of our Association, or who have generously made a tax deductable donation to our scholarship fund. Membership is open to the public, and is available for as little as $30.00 for one year. Donations in any amount are always welcomed.

NOTE RE ACCURACY OF INFORMATION PRESENTED: We update the "Status" shown for each OCS graduate listed on the following pages as frequently as we can. But with 27,000 names to track, it takes us time to get this done. You can find the date when the information was last updated by looking at the top of each class list. If you require more current data on an OCS graduate, please contact us. Before doing so however, please read the above "NOTE FOR RESEARCHERS."

NOTE OF CAUTION: The Combat Comics jokes on the above pages contain humor of a type seen during WWII. By today's standards, some of the humor could be considered Gallows Humor. Other humor on these pages, by today's standards, borders on being racist. Today we all know that WWII ended long, long ago, and that both Japan, Germany, and the other Axis Powers of that time are among the best friends America has... and as important, the good people of these countries are among the world's best citizens, readily stepping forward to help advance humanity's cause. If you are not able to view this type of humor as it is meant to be seen, as early-to-mid 20th century humor, please avoid clicking on the Combat Comics icons in this section. If you do, and what you see offends you, please accept our advance apologies, but understand that we are attempting to document history... with accuracy, and with humor... not change it.

Thank You.

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The U.S. Army Signal Corps Officer Candidate School Association is open to all who are interested in preserving America's military heritage. While most members are former graduates of Signal OCS training, membership in the Association is open to everyone, including officers and enlisted men, friends, family, children and grandchildren of those who served, as well as anyone else with an interest in military history, especially that which surrounds the U.S. Army Signal Corps and its OCS programs. Come join our group. Your dues are tax deductible, and best of all the proceeds are used by us to support scholarships and other good works. Join today! We welcome you with open arms.

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Click here to read an Army Joke.We are looking for pictures to post on each Class Page. If you are a class member or family member of one, and have pictures of a WWII OCS graduate, submit them to us at and we will post them on the candidate's class page. While storage space is somewhat limited, we have room for audio and video submissions too. We also post OCS class member stories in other places on this website. If you have audio recordings of the candidate or their time in OCS, or during WWII, or movies that can be digitized, or if you have been writing down memories of the candidate, send them to us and we will post them. Help us build a National Archive of this most important time in our Nation's history. To learn more, click on the Web Submissions link above. Thank you.


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