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Have a video of your time in the Army, send it along to us and we'll post it here.

Please attach a brief note explaining the video, so that we can properly tag it and reference it below. Come on now, dig into your footlocker, and send us what you have... we need your help in archiving the contribution to our country of all Army Signal Corps OCS graduates. Send your old Army movies to us today! 

DeJur Amsco 1512-PH-50-5 16mm Combat CameraSignal Corps PH-431-B 16mm video camera



Videos are listed alphabetically by title & topic first; story/content second...

Armor Test - Afghanistan - If this video is for real, then we are in deep trouble. Watch and see what America's finest does with its spare time in this "stupid armor test."

Army Communications - Vietnam - Originally shot by the Signal Corps itself, this video tells the story of how military communications was organized by the Signal Corps in Vietnam. It's a great video as it pulls together all of the diverse elements of a battlefield's communication network, helping make sense of it all for those who only saw a part of the picture.

BBC - 20th Century Battlefields - Vietnam 1968 - Part of a BBC series broadcast in the 1980s. Provides an excellent primer on the progress of the Vietnam War, with details on several key battles. Great for kids, as the footage includes avatars of helicopters and troop movements; views more like a video game than a movie.

Enemy Weapons - WWII - A training film produced by the Signal Corps, this film teaches you how to field strip German small arms. Included are the German Mouser Short Rifle Model 98K, 7.92 mm caliber; German Schmeisser Submachine Gun, MP40, 9 mm caliber; German Machine Gun Model MG 34, 7.92 mm caliber; and German Machine Gun Model MG 42, 7.92 mm caliber. Length 00:12:23.


Korea At War - Filmed by LTC Kermit Parker, Class 12-42, submitted by Glenn Dean, Class 18-52. No war footage. Shows life during Korean war, scenes of Seoul, daily life of Koreans. Length 00:62:34 minutes.

Korea At War - The Summer Storm of 1950 - A Big Picture broadcast produced with footage from the Army Signal Corps, this movie tells the story of the early days of the Korean War. Originally intended to help Americans understand what was going on on the battlefield, it's a great video and well worth the time to watch. Length 00:28:58 minutes.


Military Memories - Part 1 of 2 - A collection of WWII Movies, submitted by Robert Oelrich, Class 10-42  -- Various movies produced by the Army Signal Corps. Length 00:60:17 minutes --


Military Memories - Part 2 of 2 - A collection of WWII Movies, submitted by Robert Oelrich, Class 10-42  -- Various movies produced by an Army Signal Corps Officer during WWII. Length 03:06:29  

OCS Class 16-66 - A superb brand new video slide show of OCS Class 16-66 by Myron Leski, of the same class. Myron's video runs some 47 minutes in length and is by far the best OCS school video we've seen to date.

Private SNAFU - Spies - An effort of the Army Signal Corps during WWII, the Private SNAFU series helped make sure everyone knew what was expected of them. The cartoons also served to assure that some of the good old boys that had spent their entire life on the farm before joining the Army quickly learned how life away from the cows, chickens, and Mom worked in the real world.


Taps As You Have Never Heard It Before - Video submitted by Candidate Roger Elsasser, Class 07-67; not only an excellent rendition of Taps, but one that will bring back haunting memories of your time in the Army. 


The Willys Jeep Story - A video slide show of the Willys MA jeep, with a few pictures from WWII. The slides run a bit slow so that you have time to read the story. Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of looking at every lieutenant's favorite possession: his jeep.

Vietnam – Know Your Enemy - Explains who the Viet Cong were, how they worked, and what one should expect when one came up against them in combat. Interestingly, the footage used to underscore the message came from captured video produced by the COSVN (CŎS-vĭn) itself... or as we would have called them: Charlie. The movie was produced to train new US troops on first arrival in Vietnam. Length: 00:18:23

Vietnam – Our Generation - The thing those of us who've been to Vietnam know is that you can't tell us what it was like to be there. Hearing people talk about what it was like to be in Vietnam pains us. Many times it makes us angry. Put simply, we don't want to hear public talk about the Vietnam War, especially from those that didn't serve, and double especially from those that ducked the war. What we also don't want to hear is talk from those sorry souls that still wear their old Army jacket and walk around talking about what it was like to be a soldier in Vietnam. Those memories are too precious to be being bandied about like small talk. We also don't want to here people tell us who we were as a generation, or what we felt, or why we felt it, or what motivated us, or what our values were. It enrages us to hear people pontificate about why the protestors protested, what those who were drafted felt, or, for that matter, almost anything else. Yet that's just what this film does. It pontificates about Our Vietnam Generation. Watch it if you can... but expect to get angry as you do. Length: 00:13:41.

Vietnam – VNAF Skyrider A-1E Recovery - This video shot and submitted by Candidate Donald Fedynak (Army Signal OCS Class 04-68), who served with the 221st Signal Company (Pictorial) in Vietnam in 1969, is of the recovery by a Skycrane of a shot down VNAF A-1E Skyraider. It runs 00:05:05 in length, and you're sure to enjoy it! Our thanks to Don for sending it in. 

Vietnam – 36th Signal Battalion -  A short but worthwhile video of some of the activities of Signalmen from the 36th Signal Battalion, in one of the unit's Radio Relay vans. Originally shot by 1LT Ted Acheson, DASPO (Department of the Army Special Photo Office), the footage was turned into a short movie by 1LT Paul Berkowitz, of the 221st Signal Company (Pictorial). Lt. Berkowitz took the time to edit the film by adding comments and background music, and then reassembling it in the movie you see here. As Lt. Berkowitz commented in his notes to the video "It was shot by the book and nicely done to cover a boring, routine but vital subject. Ted, or someone, had good captions to go with it so even 46 years later I could make sense of it. Lots of us had assignments like this. But was it ever actually used anywhere?" The video is 3 minutes in length. It is one of our best, as it shows the people and equipment that kept the troops in the Vietnam War talking. Our thanks to Ted Acheson for shooting the story, Paul Berkowitz for editing it and especially Don Fedynak for bringing it to our attention.

WWII Poster Collection - A collection of 74 of some of the best home front posters from WWII. Designed to rally the country behind the war effort, these posters are icons of the period. Some tell us what to do, others remind us what our allies look like (e.g. not mistaking a Dutch seaman for a German, or a Chinese fighter for a Jap), while still others simply try to lift our spirits. In today's world, where we are fighting 2+ wars at the same time, perhaps the nation could use a few 15 second commercials each day, to remind us that we need to support those who fight our wars for us.

WWII Rare Photo Collection - A collection of 18 unique, rare photos of combat equipment from WWII. Enjoy these unusual views of JU-88s, the famous 124 ton "Karl" siege mortar, Rufes lined up along the beach in Bougainville, and more. While looking at the photos, enjoy our specially scored music, created just for this video. And when you finish looking at these pics, please, take a bit of time out to collect your own best shots of your time in the service, and send them to us. Thanks.

WWII - This Is Your Job - A video training film produced by the Army Signal Corps about the Army Signal Corps, to give new recruits and the public an idea of what role the Signal Corps played during WWII. Length 00:10:13
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