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  Memories of Fallen Friends

US Army Flag. Click here to hear hidden Army music: Bugle, Call To Attention!Taps As You've Never Heard It BeforeUS Army Flag

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Sit back and think about your past.

Think about those cold, dusty nights you spent in the desert... dark and without a moon, winds whistling down from the Kandahar mountains, chilling your bones as you quietly checked the guard posts along the perimeter... slowly making your way from post to post, to make sure your troops were more awake than those of the enemy.

Think back to those hot, sweaty days in the jungle... the ones punctuated with short, fierce firefights that started without warning, and just as quickly broke off without resolve... as the enemy slinked back into the steamy jungle they came from, rather than risk a fight to the finish.

Think back to those dark, damp corners you probed in the bombed out buildings along the Rhine... the ones you peered into as night fell, looking for a safe place to slouch in sleep until dawn... or until the next barrage of 88s woke you.

Remember again the feeling of pain in your eyes as you fought to block the searing bright sun from obscuring your LZ... struggling as you could to get your sight back as you brought your chopper in to Medivac a few wounded... looking down at them, writhing on the ground, as squad members stood protectively over them, M-16s hanging limply by their sides... peering up at you as though you were a spirit from heaven... hot winds blowing against the back of your neck, as the clack-clack-clack of the door gunner's .30-cal threw lead into the bush.

Remember? Remember those guys who walked with you? The ones that never came back? Their names you may have forgotten... what was his name? That guy in the BOQ next to mine? The one who was always first to buy beers at the club? The one who never stopped smiling? What was his name... the one who went down in a chopper crash as he flew around bringing payroll to his troops in the field? What was his name? Lieutenant... Lieutenant... ah shit, I can't seem to remember.

You may have forgotten their names, but their faces, their smiles, their camaraderie... and especially what they gave so that we can be free today... these things will live forever in our minds.

Lift a beer to them this Memorial Day.

Video submitted by Candidate Roger Elsasser, Class 07-67
Thanks Rodge...

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