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Candidate Col. David Carrad, Class 14-67

-  A Brief Bio, As Of February 2009  -

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Classmate David Carrad, Class 14-67I graduated from college in 1965, and graduate school in 1966. With the draft board hot on my heels, I entered the Army in September, 1966, went through Basic at Ft. Dix, and AIT at Ft. McClellan, then entered OCS with Class 14-67 and graduated in June 1967.

I was very pleased to be a DMG (Distinguished Military Graduate), and to be asked to stay on as a TAC officer and shepherd Class 03-68 through the program until they graduated in January 1968. This was the second to last class and in the last few months of the program Col. Thompson tasked me to write the Signal Corps OCS after-action report, which I was glad to do. (The Association and Post Historian have copies).

I then went through the Microwave Radio Officers Course at Ft. Monmouth, and on to Vietnam in June, 1968.

I was a Company Commander for 9 months, and an adviser at the ARVN Signal School for 3 months, both assignments under the Regional Communications Group (Provisional), which was the long lines part of the 1st Signal Brigade.

I returned to the US in June, 1969, and came very close to staying in the Army (I often regret that I did not) because of my very positive experiences in the service.

Prior to entering the military I had worked as a journalist and have a graduate degree in journalism. I was so put off by the media's false portrayal of the Army, and what soldiers really did in Vietnam, that I quit journalism in disgust and entered law school, in September, 1969, graduating in June, 1972.

I have been a practicing lawyer and stock exchange official ever since then.

After living and working overseas (Cambodia, China, England, and the Cayman Islands) from 1995-2001, I returned to the US, and have lived in Augusta ever since, with my wife, Xia Huang Carrad, and our daughter Alyssa, who is 9, and was the youngest attendee at the 2008 reunion!

Though I started my military service as a very reluctant draftee, I gained an enormous amount from it, and am very glad to have had the experiences I did, particularly getting through OCS. I am more proud to have been a Signal OCS graduate than any other professional accomplishment, and I am glad to try to repay the debt I owe the Army, and the OCS program, by serving as the Association's general counsel, and by helping the President and Board of Directors deal with any legal issues that come up.

Editor's Note: Classmate Carrad died in April, 2016.

This page originally posted 19 February, 2009 

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